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A story connected over the strait

The road links across the sea
Exiting trip waiting for you

Through the “Seikan Tunnel”, which is running across the Tsugaru Strait and is the longest operational tunnel under the seabed in the world, “Hokaido Shinkansen (between Shi-Aomori Station and Shin-Hokodate-Hokuto Station) will finally open in 2015. Aomori and Hokkaido Prefectures and JR group are cooperating and will promote “Destination Campaign (DC)” under the theme of “the story connecting over the strait” form July 1st to September 30th.

Between Aomori and Hokkaido, people have come and gone exchanging products across the Tsugaru Strait from old days. Those two prefecture have similar culture, while Aomori still has untouched nature and simple life and culture. Especially in Aomori, the Simokita Peninsula that has a shape of a broadax in northernmost tip of the Japan’s main island and the Tsugaru Penisula has a treasure trove of tourism resources; “food” that you can’t miss to tell about Aomori, characteristic “onsen”, “scenery sights” touching your heart.

Why don’t you go out for the heart-warming trip that links between a person and a person to Aomori expanding from the peninsulas?

Train trip with the sounds of wheel turning and relaxing ferry trip Travel around Aomori by land and sea


“Tsugaru Kaikyo Ferry Daikan-maru” connects between Hakodate City, Hokkaido and Oma Town, Aomori in approximately 90 minutes. When the ferry close to the port in Oma, if it is sunny day, “Aozora-gumi” that is a group for community building is waiting for tourists with waving a big flag for fishing boat and with the greeting “Yogu kitano! (Welcome to Oma town!)”. It will be start for your trip in Aomori from Oma, where is well known for tuna, with passionate welcome.

Accompany with the launch of “Hokkaido Shinkansen” in 2015, a new station “Oku-Tsugaru Imabetu Station” will open as the station for Shinkansen located on the northernmost tip of Japan’s main island. It will be the entrance to Aomori from Tokyo or Hokkaido or a base for the trip in the Tsugaru Peninsula with providing newly Aomori’s attraction.

There are various transportations by sea and land, which make your trip more memorable, such as sightseeing boat, resort train, sightseeing bus and local bus in the Shimokita and Tsugaru Peninsulas addition to Shinkansen and Ferry as the main artery.

In summer, you can enjoy the scenery of Hotokegaura on the sightseeing boat, or watch the jumping dolphin on board. The Tsugaru Railway that runs along the Tsugaru Peninsula offers many unique trip plan such as Furin (wind-bell) train, Suzumushi (bell cricket) train and Stove train. Various vehicles provide the time to communicate with locals and interests to know their culture and life, which must be all rare experience for you. With the choice of different transportation, your trip will be more attractive and impressive that you will never forget.

Furthermore, starting here, your trip will go on to Hachinohe or Hirosaki destination to meet Aomori’s attraction.

It is worth to go and eat!
Taste in season and precious dishes to tell about Aomori.


“Oma’s tuna”, which is top bland of bluefine tuna and called as black diamond caught by the method of pole-and-line fishing, is well known across country. “Kazamaura’s Anko (anglerfish)” caught alive, and “Yokohama’s Namako (sea cucumber)” with the crispy texture and so on, there are various marine products that worth to visit only for them in season.

Also, in this area has line-up the treasure trove of ramen, such as ramen made of seaweed like funori or mozuku and squid ink, tuna ramen using tuna-based broth and topping with tuna chashu (sliced roast pork) and ramen made from Asian clams, all of which are local ramen you can eat just there.

Ultimate luxury, “there is nothing”.
Onsen with the view of the forest, river and ocean will heal your heart and body.

yagen onsen

In Aomori Prefecture, there are more than one thousand hot springs. With fifth number of hot springs in Japan, and fourth largest amount of hot spring water (unit: litter per minute), Aomori is one of the leading hot spring resorts in Japan (as of March 31, 2011).

Especially in the Shimokita and Tsugaru Peninsulas area, there are many unique hot springs, such as “Yagen Onsen” that celebrate the 400 aniversaly in this year, “Gero Onsen” with creamy hot springs and “Tappi Onsen” overlooking the view of the Tsugaru Strait. Yagen Onsen located along the stream with the wild scenery will attract you with powerful nature view seeable from onsen, such as green leaves like shower, burning autumn leaves and snow world.

“Oyulynpic (bathing olympic)”

“Aomori Prefecture Gosyoku (five colores) Onsen Committee” is working on “Oyulynpic (bathing olympic)”, which offers a tour for five hot springs with different color springs of black, gold, white, brown and green, in advance to the opening of the Tokyo Olympic in 2020. One of them, “Maruhon Inn” at Shimoburo Onsen has a character of white hot springs. Why don’t you enjoy the onsen tour for five different onsen?

A superb view becoming intoxicated behind the words


There are non-countable superb view spots such as “Hotokegaura” where mysterious rocks ranging, “Mount Osore” that is one of Japan’s best three spiritual spots and “National Route 399, Stairway national route” that exist only here in Japan. Furthermore, you can see the beautiful scene touching your heart, such as rapeseed blossoms fields covering like yellow carpet in Yokohama Town when spring has come, seasonal field scenery from the window on Tsugaru Railway.

Mixing old and new,
Northern city, Aomori launching a newly attraction


“Special Historic Site, Sannai-Maruyama Site” located in Aomori City is the Japan’s largest ruins of Jomon period from approximately 5,500 to 4,000 years ago, which is just like grand time capsule keeping historical romance. There are the excavation items such as obsidian that shows trade with Hokkaido and tells the history, which people and culture had been crossover the strait from ancient days.

In Hirosaki City, visitors can find the sights to enjoy walking town that historic cultural sights like shrines and temples representative Hansei (domain administration) Period harmonize stylish modern western-style architecture. Handicrafts has been flourishing from old days, and craftworks grown in history, tradition and culture are still alive; Tsugaru Lacqureware and Kogin Embroidery that is born in the farmer’s life and Bunaco that is popular in the western country with its only one technic.

Furthermore, Japanese sake has been brewed in Aomori with their creative spirits, and with high-quality rice and water. It must be a pleasure of Aomori trip to enjoy sake brewery tour with tasting and to taste seasonal dishes with sake.

Route Map


Tsugaru Kaikyo FerryTEL017-766-4733
Sii Line, Fast Ferry “Polar Star”TEL017-722-4545
Hotokegaura Kaijo Kanko, Fast Ferry, “New Shimokita”TEL0175-38-2244
Sai Teiki Kanko, Fast Ferry “Sailaito”TEL0175-38-2255
Boat Tour “Yume-no-Kaichugo”TEL0175-38-5018
Mutsuwan Ferry, “Kamoshika”TEL0174-22-3020


JR Ominato LineTEL0175-24-2115
Aoimori RailwayTEL017-752-0330
Tsugaru RailwayTEL0173-34-2148
Resort ShirakamiTEL050-2016-1603

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