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Autumn 1night 2day route

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Autumn 1night 2day route

Towada Kohan Yasumiya (Central area along Lake Towada. There are many sights to see including the “Otome-no-zo” a symbolic statue along Lake Towada), Towadako Pleasure Boat (Enjoy the contrast of beautiful foliage and the blue of the water), Oirase Keiyu (One of the famous foliage spots in Japan. Mountain streams and many waterfalls bring out the color of the foliage), Towada Onsen Village (The starting point for sightseeing in Oirase Keiryu. Relax in an onsen bath while enjoying the view of the mountain stream), Tsuta Onsen (Take a leisurely stroll around the beech forest and ponds near the onsen), Jogakura Ohashi Bridge (The view of foliage from the hanging bridge 122 meters above the ground is impressive), Sukayu Onsen (Famous for its 1,000-person cypress bath, the atmosphere of the onsen area and the great effect of onsen water), Hakkoda Ropeway (The gondola takes its passengers 1,200 meters high over the carpet of autumn foliage covering the Hakkoda Mountains) Best Foliage Time: Towada Kohan / Oirase Keiryu (Mid October to early November), Tsuta Onsen, Jogakura Ohashi Bridge, Sukayu Onsen (Early to late October), Hakkoda Ropeway destination (Mid September to mid October) *Lake Towada Pleasure Boat: boat bound for Yasumiya departing at 1:15pm operates until November 10th, departing at 1:45pm operates to November 20th. During the winter season, departure and arrival only from Yasumiya.


  • Towada Kohan Yasumiya(Trekking,Lunch)
  • Towadako Sightseeing Boat(Yasumiya-Konokuti)
  • Oirase Stream Trekking(Momokoootaki-Ishigado)
  • Oirase Keiryu Hotel

START : Towada


Towada Kohan Yasumiya

Towada Kohan Yasumiya(Trekking,Lunch)


Towadako Sightseeing Boat

Towadako Sightseeing Boat

Take in the beauty of the four seasons at Lake Towada on this sightseeing cruiser. The boat takes you on a cruise to see the mountains colored with new green leaves in early summer and red foliage during autumn. It moves along the complex peninsula allowing for the view of steep cliffs from the water.


Oirase Stream Trekking(Momokoootaki-Ishigado)

Oirase Stream originates at Nenokuchi on Lake Towada, extending approximately 14 km to Yakeyama. It consists of 14 small and large waterfalls and 1 pond in the midst of richly wood areas. The beautiful flow of the stream’s water changes at each corner. Unusual shaped rocks and scenic spots offer the natural beauty of the four seasons.


Hoshino Resort Oirase Keiryu Hotel

105 Guestrooms: Suite, 3 Special Rooms, 85 Japanese-style, 16 Western-style


  • Hotel
  • Tuta Onsen(Tutanuma Trekking)
  • Jogakura Ohashi Bridge
  • Sukayu Onsen(Bathing,Lunch)
  • Hakkoda Ropeway

START : Hotel


Tuta Onsen

Guestrooms47 Japanese-style, 3 Western
Capacity230 individual guests, 230 for groups


Jogakura Ohashi Bridge

Deck arch bridge with 255 meters between each arch support is the longest in Japan. The bridge was opened on October 27, 1995, and has played an important role of connecting the Tsugaru and Nanbu regions ever since. The bridge affords a wonderful view of Jogakura-Keiryu Streams, famous as scenic sites in the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. Visitors can get out of their cars and enjoy the fabulous view. During the autumn foliage season, beautiful foliage can be seen 360 degrees.

OpenedOctober 27, 1995
Width11.5 meters (of which 2 meters is walkway)
Length360 meters
Height122 meters
Arch support interval255 meters
yogakura Onsen–Jogakura Ohashi Bridge Approximately 1.7 km, Approximately 20 to 30 minutes’ walk


Sukayu Onsen

Sukayu Onsen is the oldest hot spring in Aomori, certified in 1954 as the first public hot spring. The hot spring hotels here have a long 300-year history as a popular onsen spot. The famous 264-square meter communal bath, Sen-nin-buro, or “1,000 person bath”, is built completely from cypress wood and is always filled with people, young and old, enjoying the effects of the hot spring water.


Hakkoda Ropeway

Hakkoda Ropeway is in service year-round. A 10 minute ride takes you to the Tamoyachi-dake Sancho Station for a panoramic view of the fresh greenery of early summer and the beautiful autumn foliage. Winter is when skiers gather. Skiing is possible from late November to mid-May, with some places allowing for summer skiing into August. The frost formations on winter trees can be seen from February to March. Autumn foliage falls between late September to mid-October.

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