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Golden route traveling around the magnificent view of beautiful stream, lake and mountains

Deep touching air surrounds you for every visit
One of the best scenic sights in Japan

Filled with deep forests and mountain stream
One of the Japan’s best scenic sights, Oirase Stream


“Oirase Stream” flows 14 kilometers from Nenokuchi in Lake Towada to Yakeyama. Large and small 14 waterfalls and mountain stream rich in variety, some of which are named as “Choshi-no-otaki” “Ashura-no-nagare”, make a lively nature scenery. A walkway is set out along the stream, and it is one of the attractions to walk easily.

In spring the forest awake from winter and the water with melting snow flows powerfully as stream. In the season for new green, sunlight through trees reflect on the water face, pitiful flowers such as kikuzakiichige (a kind of anemone) or nichirinsou (sunflower) colored on your foot. The contrast of autumn leaves reaching over the water and the stream give beautiful scenery in fall, and many tourists from abroad visit here for the view.

Seasonal beauty of Lake Towada
Sightseeing boat is recommended!

Towada Lake

Lake Towada, located on border between Aomori and Akita, is a dual crater lake that exist only one in Japan. The lake is at the top of a 400-meter-high mountain, and is the third deepest in Japan. Lake Towada is surrounded by virgin forest and its clear blue water accentuated by the mountains around and blue sky is brightening.

To enjoy the lake’s appearance, sightseeing boats are recommended. Seeing the lake from the boat or canoe shows a different kind of beauty that can been seen from the lakeshore.

Two peninsulas characterize the lake; one is dynamic Ogura Peninsula that has 220 meters of cliff, Senjomaku and the other is Nakayama Peninsula that shows feminine gentle feature. Around Nakanoumi enclosed by two peninsulas, because of deepest point in the lake, water is so translucent that shows mystic view.

In spring, the contrast of green leaves and deep-blue surface is beautiful and wild birds start singing around. Along walking path, beech trees and maple trees are overlapping each other as if it is a tunnel of fresh greens. When looking up, brightening sunlight shower through trees. In autumn, trees surrounding the lake turn to red or yellow as if it is burning, which is very beautiful just like a picture. Autumn leaves reflect on the surface of lake, and time is flow slowly with the clear air in the forest.

Making a wish upon a paper
Feeling the spiritual energy at “Power Spot”


The Towada Shrine said to have been built in 807 by Sakanoue Tamuramaro is very old shrine, and currently enshrine Yamatotakeru-nomikoto. You don’t want to miss “Uranai-ba (fortuneteller spot)” back of the shrine on lakeside. At this spot, first you make a wish upon a Japanese paper called as “oyori-gami”, and put in the lake, and then your wish comes true if the paper sink in the water. To go there, you need to ride on the sightseeing boat departing from Yasumiya, and you can make a wish on board.

The grand nature blows your mind!
Enjoy seasonal Hakkoda Mountains


Hakkoda Mountains, whose main peak is O-dake with elevation of 1,584 meters, is consist of more than 10 mountains range, such as Akakura-dake and Takada O-dake. Also many swamp such as Tashiro Marshland and Tamoyachi Marshland are scattered and rare alpine flora can bee seen.

Hakkoda Ropeway, which connects to Tamoyachidake mountain top station in 10 minutes, offers panoramic view of the Mutsu Bay, Tsugaru and Shimokita Peninsulas, Tsugaru Plain and Mt. Iwaki. The new green leaves in the beginning of summer and autumn leaves brought you in spectacle with touching your heart and blowing your mind.

Furthermore, there are several ski slopes from top station of the ropeway that from beginner to advanced skiers can enjoy winter sports. From February through March, Aomori todomatsu (a kind of pine tree) covered all by rim becomes a part of grand winter view, and downhill ski through the juhyo (rime on a tree) attracts skiers both from domestic and abroad. In Hakkoda, ski in spring is still available from April to mid of May, and is very popular among the skiers. Also, there are more hands-on attractions, such as snowshoes trekking, to enjoy the Hakkoda Mountains in snow.

On the foot of Hakkoda Mountains
Lineup of characteristic onsen

sukayu Hot Springs

Aomori Prefecture is known for onsen, especially there are famous hot springs on the foot of Hakkoda Mountains where tourists visit from all over Japan. Most of them are only one inn at each region, and they are all unique with various type of springs.

“Sukayu Onsen”, which is called as “spiritual springs over the cloud”, is well-known spring with history of more than 300 years. It has large public bath made total of Aomori hiba, and many fans visit from all over Japan.

Enjoy Himemasu dishes at Lake Towada.
And more B-kyu gourmet is ready for you.


A representative food of Lake Towada, “red salmon” is one of salmon family and is a fresh water fish. Because it lives in clear lake, it is the best to eat in raw and tastes elegant sweetness and soft texture. Restaurants around the Lake Towada offers wide line-up menu of sashimi, sushi, Carpaccio, grilled, tempura with the red salmon.

Furthermore, “Towada bara-yaki”, a popular B-kyu grummet, is a dish of beef and onion flied with salty-sweet sauce. You can taste at the restaurants in Towada City.

For cold season, “Aomori Shoga-miso Oden” is recommended, which is a Japanese style pot stew dipped in miso-based sauce added ginger. It will warm up your body and heart.

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