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Lake Towada

Scenery - Towada-city

Lake Towada
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Around 2000 years ago, volcanic activities gave birth to Lake Towada, a double caldera at 400 m (1312 feet) above sea level. Lake Towada’s beauty can be appreciated all year around with fresh green leaves in spring and mystical atmosphere in the winter. However, the magnificent autumn foliage is said to be one of the most beautiful sights in Japan. The peak season for the new, fresh leaves is May through June; the fall leaves begin coloring in the beginning of October, reaching its peak from mid to the end of October.

Lake Towada Excursion Boats

Visitors of Lake Towada can enjoy a different view of the lake with the Lake Towada Excursion boat throughout the year. The vibrant scenery that can be only enjoyed aboard the boat is sure to make your trip memorable.
General Ticket Fee Adult ¥1440, Child ¥720
Routes 1) Yasumiya to Yasumiya 2) Nenokuchi to Yasumiya
*The boat service is suspended during the winter season.

The Otome no Zo Statue

The Otome no Zo Statue was crafted in 1953 in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Lake Towada Park’s designation as a National Park. The bronze statue is the last piece of art by the sculptor and poet Kotaro Takamura, who took a year to finish this piece. The sculpture is 2.1 meters high (6.8 feet), and depicts two nude women facing each other holding their left hands. The model for the sculpture is Kotaro’s wife, Chieko. They used kuromikage stone from Fukushima, Chieko’s birthplace, for the foundation of the statue.

Enjoy Everything around Lake Towada

Lake Towada has a diverse nature that never fails to entertain its visitors. The forests around the lake near Towada Shrine and Gozengahama offer great hiking trails. Hiking guides are also available. The cruise boat or canoes are also another way to enjoy the lake – one can appreciate the 220 meter (721 feet) precipice Senjomaku as well as the massive size of the lake.

Towada Visitor Center

In addition to sightseeing information around Lake Towada, visitors can learn about the history of the lake as well as the trees and wild birds of the area. A film “The Four Seasons of Towada” can be seen in high-vision picture.

Address 486 Yasumiya Towada-kohan Okuse Towada-shi Aomori-ken 018-5501
Phone Number 0176-75-2368
Business Hours 8:30〜17:00(April-November),9:00〜16:00(December-March)
Closed Days December 29th – January 3rd
Admission Fee Free
URL None

Basic Information

Address Lake Towada National Park Association 486 Yasumiya Towada-kohan Okuse Towada-shi, Aomori 018-5501
Tel Lake Towada National Park Association 0176-75-2425
Fax Lake Towada National Park Association 0176-70-6002
URL Lake Towada National Park Association(Japanese)


JR Aomori Station JR Bus Mizuumi-Go 180-minute ride Get off at Towada Lake Station Bus Stop *Between mid-November and mid-April, the JR Bus service is suspended for the winter.

JR Aomori Station


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