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Tsugaru peninnsula round trip

Tsugaru Peninnsula Round Trip

Savor the natural foods from the Sea of Japan!

The tour route covers the west coast of Tsugaru, after starting from Goshogawara city, which is famous for its unique [TACHINEPUTA] festival.
Extending to the Tappi Promontory in the northern end, the trip offers both gorgeous scenery and scrumptious foods.

Tsugaru peninnsula round trip


Maruko Center Fresh Food Market

Maruko Center Fresh Food Market
If you want a superb meal, get the “Nohe-Don Ricebowl”

The f resh local produce market is located nearby “Tachineputa Museum” . While you’ re there, do try out “Nohe-Don Ricebowl” for lunch! It lets you top as much sashimi and ingredients on your rice!
Yattemare Bowl

Shijimi Ramen Noodles

Shijimi Ramen Noodles
Ramen with gobs of shijimi (freshwater clams)!

Salty broth ramen cooked with lake jusanko’ s specialty “yamato Shijimi”. The deeply savory soup will no doubt become your Favorite. Stop by after a drive to enjoy the delicious noodles.
Jusanko Freshwater-Clam Ramen

Nakadomari Mebaru Dining

Nakadomari Mebaru Dining
You’ll be smacking your lips for the exquisite fish, mebaru (black rockfish)

Nakadomari-cho is the number one producer of mebaru in all of Aomori Prefecture. The luxurious set meal that comes with sashimi and boiled mebaru will leave you in utter disbelief!
http://www.nakadomarimebaru.com/(Japanese Site)

Stove Train

Stove Train
Nostalgic stove train

From December 1st to March 31st the following year, a stove train runs from “Tsugaru Goshogawara Station” to “Tsugaru Nakasato Station”. Inside the car is a Dharma stove you can even grill squid on.
Tsugaru Railway, Stove Winter Train


  • Shinaomori Sta.
  • Michinoeki Namioka “Apple Hill”
  • Tsuru-No-Mai Bridge
  • Tachineputa Museum
  • Takayama Inari Shrine
  • Sannoubou Remains
  • Tatsudomari Line
  • Cape Tappi
  • Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall

START : Shinaomori Sta.


Michinoeki Namioka “Apple Hill”

Michinoeki Namioka “Apple Hill”

A resting spot in an area famous for apples.


Tsuru-No-Mai Bridge

Tsuru-No-Mai Bridge

Spectacular! It’s the longest wooden bridge in Japan!
The wooden bridge is 300 meters in length and 3 meters in width. The reflection of the bridge on the Tsugaru Fujimiko Lake is truly exceptional, and it’s a fantastic spot for taking pictures, too!



Tachineputa Museum

22 meters in height. The impressive Tachineputa is a must-see.
Tachineputa is a statue made with paper. It stands at an unbelievable 22 meters tall! The flamboyant colors also add to the statue’s boldness. The only way to see it right is up close!


Takayama Inari Shrine

Takayama Inari Shrine

The splendid Torii corridor is something you must never miss! The popular shrine is known to be one of the most wonder-working spots in all of Aomori Prefecture. The corridor made up with thousand Torii is especially famous, which creates a unique and attractive Japanese atmosphere.


Sannoubou Remains

Sannoubou Remains

One of the largest religious ruins in the Tohoku region!


Tatsudomari Line

Tatsudomari Line

Superbly refreshing! A panoramic 360-degree view!



Cape Tappi

Japan’s northernmost cape that touches the heart of a traveler.



Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall

The secrets of the world’s longest undersea tunnel.



Known for its expansive lush greenery, Aomori Prefecture is situated on the northern end of Honshu. The region has an abundance of gorgeous scenic spots, starting with the world natural heritage site, Shirakami Mountains, as well as a unique culture. Here, we would like to introduce a tour course that covers many attractive spots that characterize the region.
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