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Recommended Route for Tourists to Follow,model course

Here are some of the recommended model course to thoroughly enjoy Aomori

model course

In Aomori, where rich nature and culture fuse as one, there are many appealing sightseeing spots. Come and see the unique and enchanting sites in Aomori.

Aomori Highlights 4-Day Tour

Aomori Highlights 4-Day Tour… more

Aomori-Hirosaki-World Natural Heritage Site 3-Day Tour

Aomori-Hirosaki-World Natural Heritage Site 3-Day Tour… more

Hachinohe & Shimokita 3-Day Tour

Hachinohe & Shimokita 3-Day Tour… more

Tsugaru West Coast & Tsugaru Peninsula 3-Day Tour

Tsugaru West Coast & Tsugaru Peninsula 3-Day Tour… more

Aomori Tsugaru peninnsula round trip

The tour route covers the west coast of Tsugaru, after starting from Goshogawara city, which is famous for its … more

Tsugaru Westcoast 2-Day Trip

Soak in the outdoor hot springs with magnificent scenery, and also see the world natural heritage sites. Relish … more

Aomori / Hirosaki 2-Day Trip

Visit the famous tourist sites in the two large cities! Departing from Aomori city, go to Goshogawara and Tsuga … more

Aomori Historical 2-Day Trip

Experience the world before the Common Era. Tour around Aomori’s cultural, and historical sites. Among Aoyama’s … more

Aomori Breathtaking Scenic Route

A trip around Aomori’s scenic spots Especially famous among the naturally-endowed Aomori Prefecture are Oirase m … more

Shimokita Peninsula 2-Day Drive

Incredible scenery both of the sea and the mountains. Let’s go to the northernmost island of Honshu–Shimokita Pe … more

Hachinohe Gourmet 1-Day Trip

Let’s enjoy the charms of Hachinohe! In the southeastern part of Aomori Prefecture is Hachinohe, which faces the … more

okutsugaru and shirakami

Oku Tsugaru and world heritage Shirakami sanchi tour.Tappizaki (Hokkaido can be seen on a clear day), Seikan Tu … more

gourmet tour of shimokita

shimokita rape blossom Fresh seafood of Shimokita peninsula.Asamushi Onsen (Outside of Aomori City. There … more

spring 1night 2day

Spring 1night 2days route.hirosaki tsugaru west coast shirakami course.Hirosaki Park (A park that attracts th … more

spring 2night 3day

Spring 2night 3day route. komaki, towada, oirase, hakkoda, hirosaki course. Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center … more

autumn 1night 2day

Autumn 1night 2day route.route towada oirase hakkoda course.Towada Kohan Yasumiya (Central area along La … more

winter travel toute

Winter travel route. hakkoda soft rime and stobe train.Hakkoda Ropeway ~ (View soft rime…Trees that en … more

Train Journey Through the Traditional Countryside (1 Day Model Sightseeing Course)

Ride the local train, visit unknown countryside towns, and discover the inherited traditions and culture … more

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Aomori is the northern most pre fecture on the main island ofJap an at northern latitude of 40.12 to 41.33 degrees. It is located about the same lati tudeas New York, Beijing, Rome and Madrid. access

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