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Winter travel route

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Winter travel route

Hakkoda Ropeway ~ (View soft rime…Trees that endured heavy snow and strong wind on Hakkoda mountains transform into beautiful soft rime) Minamida Onsen (Apple bath…A lodging facility in the Apple Kingdom of Tsugaru overlooking the Hakkoda mountains to the East and Iwaki mountains to the West. The sweet and sour aroma envelopes your body) Goshogawara Tachi-Neputa-no-Yakata (Tachi-neputa standing 22 meters high, equivalent to 4-storey building, is on display. This is a compelling site!) Stove Train (coal stoves burn brightly warming the train against the chilly temperature outside. Dried squid and mochi are grilled on top of the stove) Snow drift experience (Feel the strong wind and drifting snow so strong that it would prevent you from opening your eyes.)


  • Aomori City
  • Towadako Sightseeing Boat(Yasumiya-Konokuti)
  • Hakkoda Ropeway(Soft Rime at Hakkoda Mountains)
  • Minamida Onsen Apple Land

START : Aomori City


Hakkoda Ropeway(Soft Rime at Hakkoda Mountains)

Trees in Hakkoda sustaining the severe wind and snow change their appearance to impressive snow monsters that are so wonderful and beautiful. There is an excursion tour through the soft rime with the treat of a hot spring bath afterwards.


Minamida Onsen Hotel Apple Land

Here is found Apple Dai-Kannon statue, the only of its kind in Japan. There is also a huge communal bath which can accommodate 100 bathers, with jet baths, utase-yu (single stream of hot spring water falling from the top), cypress baths and garden baths. The open-air bath is very popula


  • Hotel
  • Goshogawara Tachineputa No Yakata
  • Tsugaru Railway / Stove Train
  • Snow Country Snow Drift Tour

START : Hotel


Goshogawara Tachineputa No Yakata

Three large Tachineputa floats are on exhibition. There is a sloped walkway around the Tachineputas that enables visitors to see them from top to bottom. In the exhibition hall you can find sounds and visual images of the Tachineputa, and the gallery shows the works of Aomori-related artists. There is also a craft center showing how Tachineputa are made, and a training room for festival music to entertain visitors both visually and audibly.


Tsugaru Railway, Stove Winter Train

Two-carriage train with nostalgic interior design. There are 2 coal-fueled daruma, or potbelly stoves, in each carriage. People gather around the warm stoves for a pleasant chat in Tsugaru dialect and other regional and prefectural dialects. In contrast to the chill of the outside air, the inside of the train is very warm. Please hop aboard and experience this experience for yourself.


Snow Country Drifting Snow Tour

This is a unique tour around snow country during which visitors come up close and personal with snow drifts in the severe winter of Tsugaru, Aomori. See the Tsugaru “Jifubuki” for yourself as the snow on the ground is lifted into the air by strong gusts.

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