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Fruit Picking

One-day Experience - Aomori Prefecture

Fruit Picking

Aomori has various kind of fruits cultivation all over the prefecture including apples that are the highest production in Japan, and there are farms to be able to enjoy fruits picking from spring through autumn.

Tsugaru Area


Aomori Kanko Ringo-en

It is a tourism apple farm located on the heart of Hakkoda Mountains. Cherry picking is also available.


Address 35 Aza-osawa, Tamogino, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0124
Tel 017-738-3047
Hours Open beginning of August – mid of November
Aomori Ringo-no-Sato

Ringo-no-Sato, a tourism apple farm, has approximately 1,000 of apple trees, with 35 kinds, located on the heart of Hakkoda Mountains surrounded by rich nature.

Address 1-6 Abeno, Tamogino, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0124
Tel 017-738-3656
Hours Open August – mid of November
URL (Japanese) http://www.ringo-sato.com/
Aomori-shi Fureai Nouen [cassis]

Visitors can enjoy cassis picking, which is also Aomori’s specialty, and hands-on experience of jam making.

Address 243-342 Aza-isobe, Shitobashi, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-1261
Tel 017-761-3082
Hours Open around beginning of July
URL (English / Korean / Simplified and Traditional Chinese)http://www.city.aomori.aomori.jp/
Hakkoda Blueberry Kanko Nouen

Hakkoda Blueberry Kanko Nouen is a blueberry farm with the area of 11,000 suqueare meters, cultivating 2,000 of blueberry, such as extremely early-ripening variety which is strong for cold and has just right sweetness, or slow ripening.

Address 19-1 Kanda, Yokouchi, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0132
Tel 017-738-2301
Hours Opens end of July – mid of August *Closes when harvesting season of blueberry is over.
URL (Japanese) http://www.shikanai.jp/blueberry/
Michinoeki “Namioka” Apple Hill Knako Ringo-en

Apple Hill, a Michinoeki (roadside station) located in Namioka, Aomori-shi, has a tourism apple farm and offer apple picking in harvesting season.

Address 2-3 Aza-nojiri, Oaza-Megasawa, Namioka, Aomori-shi, Aomori 038-1331
Tel 0172-62-1170
Hours Open mid of September – beginning of November
URL (Japanese) http://www.applehill.co.jp/


Hirosaki Apple Park

In the park, approximately 1,300 apple trees of about 65 varieties are planted. Apple picking is available in autumn.

Address 125 Aza-terasawa, Oaza-shimizu-tomita, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-8262
Tel 0172-36-7439
Hours Open August – mid of November
URL (Japanese)http://www.city.hirosaki.aomori.jp/ringopark/
Mt. Iwaki Knako Ringo-en

From spring to autumn, cherry, peach, prune, apple, and grape picking are available. For apple, visitors can enjoy 40 different varaieties such as Natsu-midori or Kinsei, and for peach and grape and others are as well.

Address 120-3 Aza-terasawa, Hyakuzawa, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-1343
Tel 0172-83-2282
Hours Open end of June- mid of December
URL (Japanese) http://ringo-aomori.jp/

It is a fruits farm located in the heart of Mt Iwaki, where visitors can enjoy 20 kinds of fruit picking, such as apple, grape and cherry.

Address 426 Aza-hibiki, Totsurazawa, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-1202
Tel 0172-93-3089
Hours Open April – around October
URL (Japanese) http://www.morikaju.jp/
Tsugaru Yumeringo Farm

In spring, strawberries, in summer cherries, blueberries and peaches, and in autumn apple picking are available.

Address 44-4 Aza-yamazaki, Kozawa, Hirosaki-shi, Aomroi 036-8243
Tel 0172-87-6089
Hours Open Year-round
URL (Japanese) http://yumeringo.net/

Others in Tsugaru Area

Kuroishi Knakou Ringo-en

The farm, with a broad view of Tsugaru Plain and Mt Iwaki, offers fresh apple picking, and will be filled by tourists every year.

Address Takinoguchi, Oaza-asaseishi, Kuroishi-shi, Aomori 036-0343
Tel 0172-52-8848
Hours Open beginning of September – beginning of November
URL (Japanese)http://kuroishi.or.jp/sightseeing/kuroishikankouringoen
Itayanagi-machi Furusato Center

Approximately 20 kinds of apples are available for picking.

Address 239-3 Aza-doi, Oaza-itayanagi, Itayanagi-machi, Aomori 038-3692
Tel 0172-73-2111
Hours Open September – mid of November
URL (Japanese)http://www.town.itayanagi.aomori.jp/index.html
Tsuruta Town

Steuben grapes, Tsuruta Town’s specialty, are available for picking.

Address 200-1 Aza-hayase, Oaza-tsuruta, Tsuruta-machi, Aomori 038-3595
Tel 0173-22-2111[Tsuruta Town, Tourism Department]
Hours Open around October
URL (Japanese)http://www.town.tsuruta.aomori.jp/index.html

Nanbu Region


Hachinohe Nango Nougyou Kanko Shinko-kai

Nango, Hahinohe City is a region known for various fruits, and apple, strawberry, cherry and other fruit picking are available for visitors.

Address 4-4 Aza-tateno, Oaza-nakano, Nango-ku, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori 031-0111
Tel 0178-82-2902
Hours Open year-round
URL (Japanese) http://michinoeki-nango.com/


Towada Blueberry Nouen Hibiki

The farm cultivate organic blueberries by bee pollination, which are safety and delicious.

Address 147-89 Aza-takami, Oaza-ousaka, Towada-shi, Aomori 034-0041
Tel 090-3122-4972
Hours Open mid of July – end of August
URL (Japanese) http://www.nouenhibiki.com/
Tedukuri-mura Risoukyou

It is a tourism farm, using organic agricultural method, opened by farmer who moved old style house in the land of 7 hectare. Blueberry picking and other experience are available.

Address 2-10 Aza-torigamori, Oaza-fukamochi, Towada-shi, Aomori 034-0106
Tel 0176-27-2516
Hours Open mid of July – beginning of August
URL (English) http://www.risoukyo.com/index.html

Other Nanbu Area

Nagawa Agriculture and Tourism Association, Tassya-mura

As the “Home for fruits, Nanbu Town”, cherry picking and other fruits picking are available.

Address Aza-oshibutamiyama, Oaza-kaminakui, Nanbu-cho, Sannohe, Aomori 039-0501
Tel 0178-76-3020
Hours Open year-round
URL (Japanese) http://tassyamura.com/
Kosawada Fruit Farm

Seasonal fruit picking is available. In the farm, visitors can also enjoy barbecue and there is a rental equipment but not ingredients.

Address 23-25 Oshibutamiyama, Kaminakui, Nanbu-cho, Sannohe, Aomroi 039-0501
Tel 0178-76-3241
Hours Open mid of June – mid of September
URL (Japanese) http://www.kosawada.com/
Aguri-no-sato Oirase

Aguri-no-sato Oirase is the Aomori’s largest tourism strawberry farm, cultivating Natsu-ichigo (summer strawberry) and Fuyu-ichigo (winter strawberry), where strawberry picking is available through a year.

Address 2-2-1684 Mukaiyama-higashi, Oirase-cho, Kamikita, Aomori 039-2152
Tel 0178-56-2884
Hours Open year-round
URL (Japanese) http://agurinosato.jp/index.html
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