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Hakkoda Mountains

Scenery - Aomori-city

Hakkoda Mountains scenery
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Hakkoda Mountains is the collective name of the sixteen mountains which includes Mount Odake as the main peak. Mount Odake has an altitude of 1585 meters (5200 feet). Hakkoda Mountains has been selected as one of the premier mountains of Japan. The area also has many wetlands such as the Tashiro Plateau Wetland. The Hakkoda ropeway gives visitors a convenient way to reach Mount Tamoyachi (altitude 1323 meters (4343 feet)) and the beautiful panoramic view. At the foot of the mountain is Sukayu onsen, famous for Sennin-buro (bath of a thousand bathers), waiting to soothe traveller’s fatigue after exploration.
In the winter, Hakkoda Mountains fills with skiers and snowboarders. Snow trekking is also popular as many visitors come to see the soft rime ice features called snow monsters.

About Soft Rime

Soft rime is natural ice feature that is formed when the moisture of a thick fog instantly freezes on trees. Though thought to be common, this unique phenomenon can only be seen in Japan and few other countries.
In Aomori, visitors can get a sight of this rare ice fairly easily. A short ride on the Hakkoda ropeway to the Summit park station brings visitors to be surrounded by a white world of soft rime. Visitors can also ski or snowboard through the rimes or rent snow shoes and go snow trekking.

Hakkoda Ropeway

Hakkoda Ropeway is in service all year round. Without the need to climb the steep mountain sides on foot, the ropeway takes visitors up to the summit in about 10 minutes. From the Summit Park Station, a wide area can be seen including not only the peaks of Hakkoda, but also Aomori city, Mutsu bay, Tsugaru and Shimokita peninsula, and Mount Iwaki.

Hours of Operation March 1st ~ Beginning of November 9:00~16:20
Mid-November ~ February 28th 9:00~15:40
Runs every 20 minutes (One way 10 minutes)
Closed Days Maintenance closing scheduled in May and November.
Please contact for more details.
Ropeway Fare One Way Adult/¥1,180 Child/¥570
Round Trip Adult/¥1,850 Child/¥870
*Free for preschool children and younger.
URL (English, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese)http://www.hakkoda-ropeway.jp/

Hakkoda General Information Center

The Hakkoda General Information Center is located in the premises of Hakkoda Ropeway, giving out tourism information about Hakkoda area as well as Aomori city and the prefecture.

Address 1-12 Kansuizawa Arakawa Aomori-shi Aomori-ken 030-0188
Phone Number 017-764-5507
Business Hours 9:00~17:00(April-November), 9:00~16:00(December-March)
Closed Days None
Admission Fee Free
URL (English, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese)http://www.hakkoda-ropeway.jp/

Sukayu Onsen Information Center

The Sukayu Onsen Information Center is located in front of the parking lot, providing information about the Mt. Hakkoda area including nature and hiking routes. There are also Hakkoda park volunteers present at this site.

Address 50 Sukayusawa Minami-Arakawasan-Kokuyurin Arakawa Aomori-shi 030-0111
Contact 017-738-6400(Sukayu Onsen Ryokan)
Hours of Operation 9:00~17:00(Beginning of April to beginning of November)
Closed days Mid-November to end of March
Admission Fees Free

Basic Information

Address Hakkoda Ropeway
1-12 Arakawa-Kansuizawa Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0111
Tel Hakkoda General Information Center 017-764-5507
URL Hakkoda Ropeway
(English, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese)


JR Aomori Station, JR Shin-Aomori Station Bus Stop JR Bus Bound to Lake Towada* 60 minute ride(¥1,100) Hakkoda Ropeway Base Station *During winter season, get on the bus bound to Sukayu Onsen.  

JR Aomori Station


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