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Nakano Momiji Mountain

Culture - Kuroishi-city


Nakano Momiji Mountain of Kuroishi city is famous for its autumn foliage. Every fall, the mountain side is filled with blazing red leaves. The night illumination creates a magical atmosphere together with the serene view of Fudo waterfall and stream.
Nakano Shrine is situated within the woods of Nakano Momiji Mountain. Nakano Shrine is the home of several ancient trees – 200-year old Japanese maple, 600-year old great cedar, 200-year old fir tree – that are natural monuments of Kuroishi city. Visitors can hike around the shrine on the 2-km (1.2 miles) hiking trail and enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves.

Night Illumination / The Koyo Lunch

Nakano Momiji Mountain can be enjoyed at night with its autumn illumination during the fall season. During summer, visitors can also enjoy the summer night illumination “Summer Momiji Illumination Fantasy” and appreciate the contrast between summer and autumn leaves.
The koyo-doko (autumn-leaf dining platform) is set up specially for visitors to view the waterfall while enjoying lunch. The koyo lunch uses many locally grown ingredients and is served only at the koyo-doko.

*For more information regarding the koyo lunch, please contact the Kuroishi Tourist Association.

Tel 0172-52-3488 URL (English, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese)http://kuroishi.or.jp/

Basic Information

Address Nakano Shrine
27 Fudodate Minami-Nakano Kuroishi-shi Aomori 036-0405
Tel Kuroishi Municipal Business, Industry, and Tourism Section 0172-52-2111
Kuroishi Tourist Association 0172-52-3488
Fax Kuroishi Municipal Business, Industry, and Tourism Section 0172-52-6191
URL Kuroishi Tourist Association(English, Korean, Simplified/Traditional Chinese)


JR Hirosaki Station Transfer Konan Railway Konan Line Hirosaki Station Konan Line 30 minute ride Kuroishi Station Konan Bus bound to Okawara-Nurugawa Line (via Itadome) 30 minute ride Get off at Nakano Jinja Mae Stop (Nakano Shrine Front) or Nakano Minamiguchi Stop (Nakano South) plus 10-minute walk

JR Hirosaki Station


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