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Blue forest make up the story of human and apples.

There is a reason for being Number 1!
That is why Aomori-made apples are the “best in the world”.

Why Aomori’s apples are delicious?Here is its secret!


Aomori-made apples are the largest in Japan for both of the quantity of production and cultivation are. This ranking has been never changed for more than 100 years. The Prefecture produces 412,000 tons of apples in 2012, which accounts for 56% of Japan’s annual apple harvest, and is boasting definite share. Furthermore, Aomori is leading not only for quantity, but also quality is the best in the world. “Aomori-made apples are the most delicious in the world”, as say that, it is approved from abroad.

What makes the Aomori’s apples to be approved as the best in the world? There is a story that human and apples have been spinning together on the stage of Aomori.

Reason 1Working on hard and high-leveled cultivation technic

Apples are mostly cultivated by manual labor through a year. From the end of January through March, Aomori is still in deep snow. However, the first work will be started; “training and pruning” that adjust the tree to get more sunlight for each branch. This is the work, which needs the most professional technic, and it is said, “If you don’t prune 1,000 trees, you will not grown-up”.

Apple farmers

And after that, many process are continuing; pollination using hornfaced bee, thinning out to remove some fruits to make room for growth of others, nipping leaves and turning fruits to get sunshine. Generally, it is said that it takes approximately 223 hours for 10 are, that is, it can be said that farmer’s labor and high-quality technic grows those delicious apples.

Reason 2The climate character of extreme difference in temperature between day and night

For cultivation of apples, the climate that has extreme difference in temperature is suitable, and Aomori’s climate is just like that. During the daytime, apples glow under the sunshine, and in the night, they store own sugar content to protect themselves. With repeating this action, sweat and juicy apples glow.

Reason 3CA storage facility that keeps the freshness

Apple market

The apples harvested will be kept in the refrigeration facility before the shipment to market. “CA (Controlled Atmosphere) storage facility” has ability not only to refrigerate but also to keep the freshness with adjusting apple’s breath, and the number of this facilities are increasing in the Prefecture. It makes possible to enjoy the fresh apples through a year. When shipping to market, the photo sensor measure apples of the coloring, sugar contents and “dense” that tells ripeness. Furthermore, there are many foods company of either large or small, and so, Aomori has the certain system to produce, research and develop those local apples at their own land.

Reason 4Deep passion and “Joppari” heart for apples

The climate is one of the reason off course, and cultivation, storage, sorting and processing technique are superior to produce apples in Aomori. However, the Aomori people’s heart, such as honesty, diligence and the passion for the wish to produce and send the delicious apples to nationwide and to the world, is the base for apple cultivation. In Aomori dialect, the person who is stubborn and has passion is called as “Joppari”. The boast, passion and “Joppari heart” of all people related to apples produce those delicious apples.

Traditional craftsmen for tools supporting Aomori-made apples in back.

Basket for apple

In Aomori, there are traditional craftsmen for tools who have walked with apple cultivation development. With responding the needs for each farmers, craftsmen are producing the tools for apple cultivation; “apple pruning clipper” that is made from iron, “hand basket for apple” that is used for harvesting with character of flexibility and toughness not to herm apples. The craftsmen knit carefully and make the hand basket using the local bamboo, called as nemagaridake that grows around Mt Iwaki.

Furthermore, “wooden box for apples” that is useful for harvesting and shipping and is recyclable, and special shoes for apple farmers, called as “bokko-gutsu”, that keeps their foot warm at the work on snow, are developed originally along with apple cultivation history.

Moreover, apple tree dying, pottery using apple ash as for glaze, tableware made of apple tree and cover for smartphone and so on; various crafts related apples are popular.

Various change of Aomori-made apples!Cidre, sweets and tasting of apple pie.


In Aomori, there are rich in variety of apple production; juice, cidre, wine, hot cider, brandy, vinegar, soup and sweets. In Hirosaki City, there are 47 of cake or bakery shops offer their original apple pies, and visitors can enjoy to taste them.

At the home of apple, there are abundant sights.

apple park

In “Hirosaki Apple Park”, with approximately 1,200 apple trees growing 65 varieties in the park of 5.2 hectors, apple picking is available. There is a cidre factory and souvenir shop with line-up of apple items. It also host “Hirosaki Apple Flower Festival” in May yearly. “Apple road” in Hirosaki City where you can enjoy the seasonal scenery of apple with the back view of Mt. Iwaki, “promenade of red apple” in Goshogawara City, and “Japan’s oldest apple tree” in Tsugaru City; there are many sights related apples. Furthermore, wooden box for apples that piled like high building, and public items with motif of apple such as streetlamp, post, road mirror and manhole can be seen in the town.

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