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Hirosaki Park (A park that attracts the largest number of visitors with its beautiful cherry blossoms during Golden Week. There is a spectacular sight of cherry blossom petals falling on the old castle and castle moat coloring the area pink), Tsugaru Domain Neputa Village (Located next to Hirosaki Park. Visitors can feel a touch of Hirosaki Nebuta throughout the year and try their hand at making local crafts including Kingyo Neputa), Tachi-Neputa-no-yakata (Tachi-neputa used during the Goshogawara Summer Festival is on display throughout the year. The neputa standing 21 meters tall is a spectacular site), Ajigasawa Onsen (Facing the Japan Sea, it boasts fresh seafood and the sight of the sun setting into the sea from an open-air bath), Senjojiki (A geological structure formed by a huge earthquake that hit about 200 years ago. There are many uniquely shaped rocks), Roadside Station Fukaura (The west coast of Tsugaru is an area of squid production and on a sunny day, visitors can see a “curtain of squid” drying in the sun. Try the delicious just-grilled squid), Wespa Tsubakiyama (A popular facility with an observatory overlooking Shirakami Sanchi and the Japan Sea, ride up on a special car), Jyuniko (A group of lakes and ponds formed by a huge earthquake that hit about 200 years ago. Enjoy a leisurely stroll to Aoike that looks like someone poured indigo blue ink into the water), Moriyama Beach (Boasts many uniquely shaped rocks eroded by rough waves, and a beautiful view of the sun as it sets in the Japan Sea)


  • Hirosaki
  • Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki Park)
  • Tsugaru Neputa-mura Village
  • Tachineputa No Yakata
  • Elm-no-machi Shopping Center
  • Aeon Mall Tsugaru Kashiwa
  • Ajigasawa Onsen

START : Hirosaki


Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki Park)

Hirosaki Park, covering an area of 49 ha, is where the 2nd lord of Tsugaru, Tsugaru Nobuhira built a castle in 1611. After 380 years, the castle tower, 3 turrets, 5 gates and Mie dike still remain and are designated as national important cultural properties. The park is also well known for cherry blossoms. Towards the end of April, about 2,600 Yoshino and double cherry blossom trees come to full bloom. In fall, the leaves of about 1,000 maple trees turn to autumn tints with the green background of the old castle. Large, middle and cascade chrysanthemums, as well as chrysanthemum dolls, considered the finest in the Kita-Ouu area, color the ground and fill the area with a sweet aroma. At the beginning of February, the Snow Lantern Festival takes place, a festival now considered one of the 5 grand snow festival events in the Michinoku area.


Tsugaru Neputa-mura Village

There are both an Hirosaki Neputa exhibition and demonstrations showing how to make the Kingyo Neputa. There are also demonstrations and worshops for Tsugaru ceramics and Tsugaru woodblock painting. Additionally, there are live performances of Neputa music and Tsugaru shamisen. Finally, stands sell locally grown vegetables, apples and rice as well as craftwork.


Tachineputa No Yakata

Three large Tachineputa floats are on exhibition. There is a sloped walkway around the Tachineputas that enables visitors to see them from top to bottom. In the exhibition hall you can find sounds and visual images of the Tachineputa, and the gallery shows the works of Aomori-related artists. There is also a craft center showing how Tachineputa are made, and a training room for festival music to entertain visitors both visually and audibly.


Elm-no-machi Shopping Center

Add517-1 Aza Fujimaki, Oaza Karakasa-yanagi, Goshogawara City 037-0004

Aeon Mall Tsugaru Kashiwa

AddAdress : 41 Ikuyo, Kashiwaise, Tsugaru City 038-3107


Ajigasawa Onsen

Grand Mer is French for Great Ocean. The hotel stands on the highlands overlooking the Japan Sea, of which guests can enjoy a magnificent view from the open-air bath. Guestrooms: 15 Western-style, 65 Japanese-style Capacity: 380


  • Hotel
  • Senjojiki Beach
  • 【Closed】WeSPa Tsubakiyama(Lunch.Shopping)
  • Shirakami Sanchi
  • Juniko Trekking

START : Hotel


Senjojiki Beach

Senjojiki Beach, selected as one of the 55 best beaches in Japan and the 100 best sunsets in Japan, is a bedrock beach formed with the uplifting of land due to an earthquake that hit in 1792. There is a long rock shelf on which long, long ago, it is said the lord of the area once had 1,000 tatami mats laid out for a party. The location draws swimmers and campers from regions far and wide.


【Closed】WeSPa Tsubakiyama(Lunch.Shopping)

WeSPa Tsubakiyama is a popular new long-stay resort facility, providing a peaceful European-style atmosphere.


Shirakami SanchiJuniko Trekking

Shirakami Sanchi is approximately 130,000 ha of a vast mountainous area extending over Aomori and Akita prefectures. Its central 16,971 ha (12,627 ha on the Aomori side) area was designated as a World Heritage Site (natural heritage) in December 1993 along with Yakushima of Kagoshima Prefecture. This is home to the largest wild beech forest in the world, where scientifically valuable plants and animals live. The wildlife includes golden eagles and black woodpeckers, both designated as national protected species.


Juniko is the name given to 33 ponds and lakes scattered over an area of approximately 4 k㎡ of undulating highlands at an altitude of 150 meters to 250 meters. The name Juniko (12 lakes) was given because 12 lakes can be seen from the Okuzure Observatory. Ao-ike is particularly famous for its color, which is so blue that it appears blue ink has been poured into the water. Huge dead beech trees lie in the water, as the view lures you into an enchanting and mysterious world, changing with the movement of the sun and your angle of view.

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