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In Aomori Prefecture, various transportation such as train and bus is available.
Using transportation wisely, you can travel around efficiency and see the different scenery by each vehicle.


How To Use

To use the train, first purchase a ticket at the vending machine or ticket window. Fares are different for the destination. Over the vending machine, there is a board of map written the destination and fares. *To be careful, for the railway in Aomori Prefecture, IC card such as Suica cannot use.

After buying the ticket, you can proceed thorough the ticket gate to platform. Some of ticket gate is set the automatic or manned gate, and some of them is unmanned ticket gates. It is depending on the station. When there are plural platforms, check on the signboard or just ask to station staff if you don’t know. Some of the door of the train is hand-powered. In case of that, you may operate the button to open and close the door. Once you could get on the train, just enjoy your train trip to the destination.

When get off the train, you need to pass the ticket gate. If the station is unmanned, there should be a box to collect the tickets, so do not miss to put the ticket back.


How To Use

In Aomori Prefecture, various buses run, however here is introducing basic information about route bus. First you get on the bus from rear door (in case of only one door, get on from the front). When getting on, get a number ticket from the machine set by the door. The number ticket is used to know the fares. In front, there is a electrical board that shows next bus stop and fare. The figure shown under the number on the board is the fare, and number of the board is that of number ticket you have.

An announcement will be told, when the bus approach to the next bus stop. If you want to get off, press the one of the “stop” buttons on the inside wall. This is going to tell to a driver that you want to get off at next bus stop. Beware it, because if you forget to press the button, the bus might pass through the bus stop. Pay your fare by putting cash into the fare box with the number tickets, when getting off. At this time, check the correct fare on the electrical board. If you need the change, it is recommended to ask change while the bus is stopping at signal in advanced. Exchange machine is set in the same box with fare box next to driver’s seat.

Payment for loop bus, shuttle bus and highway bus might be different. In that case, ask to the driver or ask to the staff at information center for bus.


It is easy to find the taxi mainly in the sightseeing area or downtown. Taxies have the name as its sign on the top of the car. There is also a taxi with flat rate to airport or a tour taxi going around the sights.

How To Use

When you want to use the taxi, you can get on at the taxi stand of the station or airport, or you raise your hand to stop the taxi running and you can get on. In this case, you had better to check the sign in the lower left corner of the windshield whether it says “Kusha (empty)” or not. Note that if it says not “Kusha”, you cannot use because that means there are other passengers on the taxi.

After getting on the taxi, tell your destination to the driver, and when arriving, pay the fare indicated on the taximeter. The fare for taxi is different for the kind of car, distance and time zone.

Aomori Prefecture Taxi Association



In Aomori Prefecture, plural numbers of ferries are served. Some of them have opportunity that the passengers can watch the swimming dolphin.

How To Use

Make a reservation on the Internet in advance, or buy the ticket at window, and then get on the ferry.

Ferry and Sightseeing Boat

Air Flights

There are two airports, Aomori Airport and Misawa Airport.

Aomori Airport / Misawa Airport


There are car rental shops everywhere in Aomori, including nearby the station and airport.

Information about Rent-a-car

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