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Lake Juniko (Twelve Lakes) /Aoike Pond

Scenery - Fukaura-town


The Tsugaru Quasi-National Park Lake Juniko (Twelve Lakes) is a collective name for 33 lakes and ponds. These lakes and ponds extend over an area of 4k㎡ (1.5 square miles) on an undulating plateau, with a ranging altitude from 150 meters (492 feet) to 250 meters (820 feet). Though there are 33 ponds and lakes, it is called Juniko (Twelve Lakes) as when seen from the summit of Mt. Okuzure, only twelve could be seen.
It is said that after a major earthquake in the Edo period, a mountain stream blocked by shifted earth then swelled to become Juniko. In addition to walking trails around the lakes and ponds, there is also a camp site. Visitors can fully enjoy the outdoors through hiking, camping, nature sightseeing, and mountain climbing.

Aoike –Mystical Natural Beauty

Aoike is a very special lake – as blue as if it were artificially colored. With a water visibility of 9 meters (29 feet), one can see withered beech trees lying submerged in the cobalt water. The reason for its blue color is still unknown, thus it truly is a mysterious lake. The best season for viewing is from spring to summer time when the leaves are fresh and new. The sight of Aoike when the sunbeam shines through the trees is simply breathtaking.

Juniko Visitor Center (Juniko Information Site)

Within Juniko Station, the Juniko Visitor Center has many informational brochures about the area. There are also local produce shops and souvenir shops, coin lockers and temporary baggage storage available.

Address JR Juniko Station Grounds 33-1 Shita-Hamamatsu Matsukami Fukaura-machi Nishitsugaru Aomori 038-2206
Contact 0173-77-3000
Hours of Operation 9:00-17:00(Beginning of April – Mid November)
Closed End of November to end of March
Admission Fee Free

Kyororo, the forest shop

Kyororo is a convenient facility for Shirakami Sanchi/Juniko sightseeing with local produce sales, snack shop, and parking (paid). It is located right across from the Oku-Juniko Parking Bus Stop. It only takes 10 minutes to walk to the popular Aoike from Kyororo.

Address Within Matsukamisan-Kokuyurin Fukaura-machi Nishitsugaru Aomori 038-2206
Contact 0173-77-2781
Hours of Operation 8:00-18:00(April to November)
Closed December to March
Admission Fee Free
URL (Japanese)http://www.shirakami-jyuniko.jp/kyororo/kyororo.html

Trekking Guide

Volunteer trekking guides are available to visitors. Local citizens of Fukaura-machi guide and provide information about Mt. Shirakami and the wildlife and history of Lake Junniko.
Lake Juniko Trekking (April~November)
Amount of Time: 1~3 hours 1 Guide ¥10,000
Mt. Okuzure Hiking (May~October)
Amount of Time: 4 hours 1 Guide ¥20,000
*Other options are also available.
*For visitors in wheelchairs, we offer special assistance. 1 Staff ¥5,000~

Contact: Shirakami Juniko Co., Ltd. TEL:0173-77-3311 FAX:0173-77-2681

Basic Information

Address Matsukami, Fukaura-machi,Aomori 038-2206
Tel Fukaura Town Tourism Section 0173-74-4412
Fax Fukaura Town Tourism Section 0173-74-4415
URL (Japanese)http://www.town.fukaura.lg.jp/jyunikonomori/


JR Goshogawa Station Gono Line Resort Shirakami 1 hour 45 minute ride(¥2,010) JR Juniko Station Bus 15 minute ride(¥360) Lake Juniko


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