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Car Rental

Car Rental

In Aomori, with abundant nature and farm villages, you will discover much more attraction of Aomori that you have never seen before with the trip by driving a car than group trip tour by bus, because you can travel around freely.

Before renting a car

Visitors who have foreign driver’s license and intend to drive in Japan should have any of the following driver’s license:

  • Japanese Driving License
  • Internaional Driving Permit (Only International Driving Permit issued by contracting countries and conforming to the model contained in the Convention at Geneva are valid in Japan.)
  • Foreign Driving License (Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia and Monaco)

Admissible Period to Drive with International Driving Permit or Foreign Driving License

You will be entitled to drive for either shorter period of the followings: -One year after you have entered Japan. -One year from the date of issue for the said license. However, when a person recorded by Basic Resident Register receives confirmation of the departure or permission of the reentrance, and leave Japan, and go back while within it for three months; on a day of the return home (the landing) concerned by International Driving Permits can run it, and it is not with the date from which a period is reckoned during the period.

Pay enough attention for driving in winter!

Drivers need enough attention for driving a car in Aomori’s snowy winter. The road in winter will be the conditions of “compacted snow road” that snow is hardened, and “icy road” that snow on the road surface melts once with warm in daytime and freeze again by getting chilled in morning and evening and form a thin ice. Especially icy road is very slippery; therefore most care will be necessary. Furthermore, the condition of “black icy road”, which the steam from river or forest nearby road attach to the road face as a film of ice caused by chill of the early morning, is the most slippery and cause the car accident often. Because it looks like that the road is wet, you need much more care for black and shinning road.

Rental companies

Around Aomori Station

Nippon Rent a car, Aomori Station FrontTel017-722-2369
Orix Rent a car, Aomori Station FrontTel017-773-3900
Times Car Rental, AomoriTel017-773-2932
Toyota Rent a lease, Aomori YasukataTel017-734-0100

Around Aomori Airport

Nissan Rent a Car, Aomori AirportTel017-762-2323
Nippon Rent a car, Aomori Airport Salece OfficeTel017-739-7310
Toyota Rent a lease, Aomori AirportTel017-739-0115
Orix Rent a car Aomori, Aomori AirportTel017-762-3543
Times Car Rental, Aomori AirportTel017-762-2311

Around Shin-Aomori Station

Eki Rent a car, Shin-Aomori Sales OfficeTel017-761-5515
Nissan Rent a Car, Shin-Aomori Station FrontTel017-766-8866
Toyota Rent a lease Aomori, Shin-Aomori Station Front West ExitTel017-782-0100
Orix Rent a car, Shin-Aomori Station Front HamanasuTel017-752-6543
Orix Rent a car, Shin-Aomori Station Front Ringo (Shin-Aomori Station East exit)Tel017-781-9300
Times Car Rental, Shin-Aomori Station FrontTel017-761-5356
J-net Rent a CarTel0120-1190-83

Around Hirosaki Station

Toyota Rent a lease Aomori, Hirosaki Station Joto exitTel0172-26-0100
Eki Rent a car, Hirosaki Sales OfficeTel0172-35-0074

Around Hachinohe Station

Eki Rent a car, Hachinohe Sales OfficeTel0178-27-2882
Orix Rent a car, Hachinohe Station FrontTel0178-23-5543
Toyota Rent a lease, Hachinohe Station East exitTel0178-70-2100
Nissan Rent a Car, Hachinohe Station FrontTel0178-23-3723
Nippon Rent a car, Hachinohe Station East exitTel0178-23-2533

Center Area in Hachinohe City

Toyota Rent a lease Aomori, Hachinohe KashiwazakiTel0178-43-0100
Nippon Rent a car, Hachinohe ShiroshitaTel0178-43-8080
Miyago Auto LeasingTel0178-47-0385
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