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Tsugaru Railway, Stove Winter Train

Culture - Goshogawara-city


The Tsugaru Railways run through the plains for Tsugaru peninsula from Tsugaru Goshogawara Station to Tsugaru Nakazato Station, a 45 minute ride with a total distance of 20.7 km (12.8 miles). The railway runs seasonal themed trains throughout the year for the entertainment of its passengers: the stove train in the winter, the furin (Japanese wind bell) train in the summer, and the suzumushi (bell cricket) train in the fall.
The tranquil rural landscape that can be seen from the train attracts many visitors. The Ashino Park (near Ashino Park Station) is another popular spot during the cherry blossom season.

Winter Stove Train, a Special Social Event

Every year, an old-fashioned potbelly stove gains a spot on the train that runs through the snow field of Tsugaru plain. The red burning coals in the stove create a comfortable social atmosphere bringing visitors and local passengers together.
In contrast to the frigid outdoor cold, passengers can enjoy their time in the warm cozy train as surume (dried squid and cuttlefish) are prepared on the stove top and served.
*Limited 3 trains during daytime. Check for specific dates for December.
Train service may change under some circumstances.

Basic Information

Address 39 Omachi, Goshogawara-shi, Aomori 037-0063
Tel 0173-34-2148
Fax 0173-34-2149
Period [Furin Summer Train] July 1st – August 31st annually
[Suzumushi Autumn Train] September 1st – mid October (time may change due to the growth of bell crickets)
[Stove Winter Train] December 1st – (the following year) March 31st annually
Closed None
Price Tsugaru Goshogawara Station to Kanagi Station (25 minute ride)
Adult ¥950, Child ¥680
Wi-Fi Not Available
URL Tsugaru Railways Co., Ltd.(Japanese) https://tsutetsu.com


JR Goshogawara Station 1 minute walk Tsugaru Railways Tsugaru Goshogawara Station

JR Goshogawara Station


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