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Gourmet tour of Shimokita

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Asamushi Onsen (Outside of Aomori City. There is a live Tsugaru Shamisen performance from 8:30 p.m .every day), Roadside Station Yokohama (A rape blossom field nearby turns the area into yellow carpet in May), Tsugaru Kaikyo Cultural Center Arusas (A starting point for travel through Hotokegaura, enjoy locally caught fresh seafood, including sea urchin), Hotokegaura (A famous sight of huge uniquely shaped rocks), Omazaki (The northernmost point on the main island, and tuna caught in the area have become brand-name fish), Yagen Onsen (Located in the forest, the open-air bath by the stream is popular), Osorezan (One of the three major holy sites in Japan), Hasshoku Center (Huge suburban market with many restaurants serving fresh seafood at reasonable prices), Tanesashi Beach (A beautiful landscape with an expanse of natural grass)

*Hotokegaura Pleasure boat operates from late April to the end of October.




  • Asamushi Hot Spring Village
  • Roadside Station Yokohama
  • Kaikyo Culture Center Arusas(Lunch)
  • Omazaki
  • Hotokegaura
  • Yagen Hot Spring

START : Asamushi Hot Spring Village


Roadside Station Yokohama

Roadside Station Yokohama

Add 79-12 Aza Hayashi-no-waki, Yokohama-machi, Kamikita-gun 039-4134
Tel 0175-78-6687


Kaikyo Culture Center Arusas

Kaikyo Culture Center “Arusas”

Located near the terminal for the sightseeing boat and Shimokita Steamboat, visitors are treated to an exhibition of sightseeing spots and local goods, as well as a look a the history of the area. The first floor holds the tourist information center and a venue where visitors can buy local goods. The second floor is the Saimura Kaikyo Museum, the northern-most museum of the Honshu. The third floor is an observatory that offers a panoramic view of the Tsugaru Straits and Hokkaido.



Cape Oma

A billboard marks 41 degrees 32 minutes north latitude, 140 degrees 55 minutes east longitude, letting visitors know that this is the northern-most point on the Island of Honshu. It is only 17.5 km to Shikubizaki of Hokkaido, which lies beyond Tsugaru Straits. There is also a road sign informing visitors that it is “798 km to Tokyo”, showing that it is indeed the very tip of Honshu. It is also a great fishing spot.



Rugged and uniquely shaped rocks extend for approximately 2 km. Whitish green tuff as far as the eye can see has been eroded for years by the wind, rain and rough waves to form this mystical landscape.


Yagen Onsen

Guestrooms: 59 Japanese-style, 9 Western-style, 5 dual Japanese-Western style Capacity: 342 individual guests, 370 in groups Facilities: Shop, bar, hot springs, coffee shop, open-air bath, communal bath, meeting rooms, parking (50 cars)


  • Yagen Onsen
  • Osorezan
  • Hasshoku Center(Lunch.Shopping)
  • Tanesashi Beach

START : Yagen Onsen



Osorezan has been considered a sacred mountain for over 1,100 years ago since Jikakutaishi of Tendai Buddhism established it as a place of worship in 862. Osorezan, also known as Usoriyama, is considered one of the three most sacred mountains in Japan, along with Koyasan and Hieizan. The beauty of Chinoike Jigoku, Juuzai jigoku, Jigokudani, Sai no Kawara, Gokurakuhama and Sanzu no Kawa perfectly matches with Usoriyama Lake as the foliage around it changes color with the coming of the seasons.


Hasshoku Center

There are 60 shops selling fresh fish, dried goods, meat, vegetables, confectionery and local sake. There are a wide variety of food and beverage outlets. At Kuriya Stadium, you can find a conveyor belt sushi bar, donburi dishes and takeout sushi and bento boxed lunches. Aji-Yokocho is a place to find Hachinohe ramen, soba and udon noodles. You can also grill the seafood you purchased on charcoal stoves.


Tanesashi Coast

Tanesashi Beach Prefectural Nature Park (Designated June 1, 1953) is a spacious beach with natural grass growing up to the edge of the surf. On the north side of the grass is a beach walkway (approx. 5.2 km), which has been selected as one of the 100 best walkways and there is a fabulous view of the uniquely shaped rocks and stones when strolling on the pine forest path. The camp site is open from July to September.

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