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Scenery - Sai-village

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Nearly 20 million years ago, deep sea volcanic activity created a precipice of green volcanic tuff around the current village of Sai in the Shimokita peninsula. Over many years, the rough waves of Tsugaru Channel eroded the precipice turning it into a fantastically shaped rock formation that goes on for 2 km (1.2 miles) along the coast.
The rocks have been named after Buddha, thus the name Hotokegaura (Buddha’s Cove).
In 1934, a stretch along the coast of Hotokegaura was designated as an Aomori Natural Monument, and additionally as a national place of scenic beauty and a National Natural Monument in 1941.
A Jizodo (a hall dedicated to Jizo Bosatsu) is built on the Hotokegaura beach, where the Hotokegaura Festival is held for worship on July 24th every year.

Tsugaru Channel Cultural Center “Arusasu”

Arusasu is a tourist, cultural and industrial spot in Sai village. The regular ships and tourist boats to Hotoge-ga-ura depart from here, from Arusasu.

Address 112 Osai, Sai-mura, Shimoita, Aomori 039-4711
Contact 0175-38-4513
Hours of Operation 6:00~17:45(April-October) 8:30~16:30(November-March)
Closed Days None
Admission Fee Free
URL Blog(Japanese)

Basic Information

Address Within Nuido Ishi Chogo Sai-mura, Shimokita, Aomori 039-4712
Tel Sai-mura Industry Construction Section 0175-38-2111
Fax Sai-mura Industry Construction Section 0175-38-2492
Wi-Fi Not Available
URL Sai-mura(Japanese)


JR Hachinohe Station JR Ominato Line 1 hour 40 minute ride (¥2,480) JR Shimokita Station Shimokita Kotsu Bus Sai Line 2 hours 10 minute ride (¥2,450) Sai-mura Tsugaru Channel Cultural Center “Arusasu” Tourist boat 30 minute ride (¥1,250) Hotokegaura
[Regular Ship] JR Aomori Station 10 minute walk Aomori Port High Speed Ship “Polar Star” 2 hours and 30 minute ride (¥3,560) Sai-mura

JR Aomori Station


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