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Oku-Yagen Onsen (Kappa-no-Yu / Fufu-Kappa-no-Yu)

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Yagen Onsen, described as the Honshu Hot Spa, is located along the Ohata River where there is a 4.4 km walking trail from Yagen to Oku-Yagen. The trail is surrounded by cypress, beech and maple trees and several large and small waterfalls.
Oku-Yagen Hot Springs is located 2 km up the mountain from Yagen Hot Springs.
The open-air bathing area called “Kappa-no-Yu” is available free of charge. Fufu-Kappa-no-Yu” on the Ohata River with one men’s bath and one women’s bath, is also available at a reasonable price.

About 1,100 years ago, Jikaku Daishi, the priest who pioneered Osorezan, got lost when he was traveling to Oku-Yagen, fell from a cliff and hurt himself. A kappa (water imp) appeared from nowhere and carried Jikaku Daishi away on his back. The next morning when the priest awoke, he found himself covered with butterbur leaves and in the warm bath. He was surprised to find that his pain was gone. Daishi was so grateful to the kappa that he named the hot springs Kappa-no-Yu.

Temperature: 46 degrees
Quality: Simple hot spring
Indications: arthritis, rheumatism, skin disease, fatigue, gastrointestinal disease, gynecological disease


Oku-Yagen Onsen / From the Ohata bus stop take the Shimokita Kotsu Bus bound for Oku-Yagen and get off at the last stop (approx. 25 minute ride) *Service available from May 1st to October 31st.
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