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Climate in Aomori

Seasonal Difference

Japan is said to have variety climate with four distinct seasons, and especially Aomori Prefecture is the region that it has noticeable seasonal changes. In spring, beautiful cherry blossom brings joy, and in summer local unique festivals like Nebuta Festival are held in each region. In fall, mountains and streams will be decorated with autumn leaves, and snow in winter gives fantastic scenery and opportunity for winter sports like ski or snowboard.

Season Highlights

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Climates in each area

With the “Ou Mountain Range” located in the center of the Aomori Prefecture, the land is divided into two distinct climates on the side of the Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean. The side of the Sea of Japan is called as “Tsugaru region” and that of the Pacific Ocean is as “Kennan region”, and character of climates are different for each region.

Tsugaru region


The cold humid air in winter collides with the Ou Mountain Range, which causes heavy snowfall in the region.
In summer, Tsugaru region has warm summers with raising temperature.

Kennan region


In the summer, the cool humid easterly known as “Yamase” creates many days of low temperature and high humidity in the region. In winter, the region has mostly fine and dry climate, with less snowfall and longer sunshine hours.

Temperature, Precipitation and Snowfall (Data in 2014; source: Japan Meteorological Agency)

It is comfortable weather with average temperature of around 23 ℃ in summer of Aomori, however as the graph shows, it is lower in the Pacific Ocean side than the Sea of Japan side. And in winter, Tsugaru region records higher for both the precipitation and snowfall than Kennan region. Aomori Prefecture has different face for each region even in same season. Why don’t you experience the characteristic season visiting some different area?

aomori temperature

Aomori City

Temperature in Aomori City
Record High33.9℃
Record Low-10.9
Precipitation in Aomori City
Annual Precipitation1483.5mm
Snowfall in Aomori City
Annual Snowfall630cm
Deepest Accumulation87cm
Annual Snowy Days110 days

Hachinohe City

Temperature in Hachinohe City
Record High34.9℃
Record Low-10.2
Precipitation in Hachinohe City
Annual Precipitation1128.5mm
Snowfall in Hachinohe City
Annual Snowfall231cm
Deepest Accumulation61cm
Annual Snowy Days102 days

Clothes in Aomori

(Apr – Jun)

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In Aomori Prefecture, flowering season of cherry blossom comes around late April. It is relatively warm in daytime but cool in morning and evening. It is recommended to prepare for wearing layers of clothes such as jackets or cardigans.

(Jul – Aug)

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Rainy season ends in mid of July as usual. It is recommended to prepare an umbrella because it rains most in a year. In August, the Tsugaru region has some tropical days, however Kennan region has relatively cool days, therefore it is useful to prepare light cardigans and so on for the morning and evening.

(Sep – Oct)

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In September, it becomes cooler in morning and evening. It is recommended to wear clothes to keep warm such as sweaters. It must be useful to prepare jackets or light coats, and also it is convenient to bring a stole.

(Nov – Mar)

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In winter, especially January through February, Aomori has many days that highest temperature records below zero, therefore you need full protection wearing gloves and a muffler addition to a coat. However it might be better to carry something to take off easily like a cardigan, because of too much heating in buildings and vehicles. Also the choice of shoes is important issue for the icy and slippery road.

Enjoy snow and beware of snow

Towada Winter's story

Aomori has various winter attractions of festivals like Hirosaki Snow Lantern Festival or Hachinohe Enburi and winter sports like ski or skate. Also Aomori is packed with unique event such as Jifubuki Tour. Because it is chilly outside, be sure to prepare thick inner clothes not only outer. Also snowy road is very slippery, it is recommended to put creepers on your shoes or to buy winter shoes with creepers there. With the sufficient protection against to cold, enjoy winter season in Aomori!

Aomori Winter Tale

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