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Aomori Winter Tale

The warmth can be felt because of the cold.
The Aomori Winter Tale, embracing visitors with a silvery snowy world and love

The Stage of the Winter Tale: The Beautiful Snow Scene of Aomori
“Three Major Winter Festivals of Aomori”

hachinohe enburi

Aomori enjoys beautiful festivals even during the winter. To begin, there is the Hirosaki Castle Yuki-Doro Festival (Snow Lantern Festival), and “Tsugaru Hirosaki Fuyu no Tabi”; visitors can enjoy the unique winter atmosphere of the castle town. Then there is the festival “Lake Towada Winter Story”, where the combination of snow, ice and colorful lights create an enchanting environment. The winter fireworks that brighten the cold crisp night sky mesmerize onlookers. Finally, there is the “Hachinohe Emburi”, the winter festival with a history of over 800 years held in Hachinohe region. This festival was designated a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties.

Excellent powder snow that excites skiers from all over the world.
Explore the white forest to see a magnificent sight.

Hakkoda Soft rime

The ski slopes of Aomori are characterized by dense surrounding wilderness and smooth powder snow. The Hakkoda Ski Resort features long slopes that makes the most of the natural landscape such as the contour of the mountain and the hard rime which appears like large sculptures known as “snow monster.” In addition to the spectacular skiing/snowboarding experience, the resort enjoys a long winter season from December to mid-May that attracts many foreign visitors every year.

The Aomori Spring Ski Resort (Formerly Naqua Shirakami Ski Resort) has a splendid view of the Sea of Japan and Tsugaru plains from the top of the gondola. Skiers and snowboarders alike can experience the exhilarating view of the contrasting white forest and blue ocean as they go down the slope. At the Formerly Naqua Shirakami Snow Park, designed by a professional snowboarder certified by PSA Asia, beginners and advanced visitors can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and snow scooting.

Other winter activities include guided snow shoe trekking in the beech forests and the Hakkoda Walk, a snow walking tour along the Hakkoda/Towada Gold line. Winter in Aomori invites visitors to have an exciting adventure.

The Snow in Aomori Falls from the Ground!?
Enjoy the Snow to the Fullest.

Drifting snow experience

During the winter in Oku Tsugaru region, Jifubuki, fallen snow wisping from the ground and the sides in the strong winds, is common occurrence. The drifting snow tour has turned the troublesome drifting snow into a fascinating local experience of traditional style such as mompe, kanjiki, and kakumaki (winter attires). It has gained popularity among foreign visitors.

The Stove Train is a well-known train that runs through the snow plains of Tsugaru. The red burning coals in the stove create a comfortable nostalgic atmosphere and passengers can enjoy the snowy Mt. Iwaki and plains while snacking on surume (dried squid and cuttlefish) that are prepared on the stove top. The real pleasure of traveling is getting to know something about local life, and the stove train provides a great opportunity to chat with local students and senior citizens. The experience of riding on the stove train is sure to warm your body and soul.

Winter is the Season for Gourmet
The Delicious Foods of Aomori

jappa shiru

Aomori is home to various local cuisine that are perfect for the winter months. One of the most popular winter local dish is the tara no jappajiru, a cod dish that uses the bony parts of the fish to make a stock, and cooked with daikon, napa cabbage, and green onion, seasoned with salt or miso. It is a perfect dish to warm up from the body core. It is a local cuisine that came about thanks to ancestors’ knowledge, who knew how to take full advantage of fish and make a highly nutritional meal.

Kenojiru is another local Aomori cuisine of Tsugaru region. It is a soup that usually has daikon, carrots, burdock and other root vegetables, mountain vegetables, deep fried tofu or regular tofu, all cut up in small pieces and seasoned with soy sauce or miso. It has gained attention as a healthy dish as it is highly nutritious but low in calories.

Senbeijiru is a local dish in the Nambu region. It is made with simple chicken or vegetable stock and broken up Nambu sembei (rice crackers). The rice cracker has been made so it does not disintegrate in the soup, and it has the texture of al dente pasta. There are over 200 restaurants serving sembeijiru, and comparing the taste is one way to enjoy the dish.

The snow room apple and Fukaura snow carrots are gifts from the heavy snow of Aomori. The produce develops a deep sweetness in the snow. There is a harvest tour where one can enjoy the freshly picked sweet carrot.

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