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Hachinohe Emburi

Culture - Hachinohe-city


Hachinohe Emburi is a traditional folk festival held in anticipation for the arrival of spring and successful harvest. Held for four days from February 17th to the 20th every year, the festivities take place in the central part of Hachinohe city. Hachinohe Emburi is known as one of the major three winter festivals of Aomori and the Michinoku Godai Snow Festival. Around 250,000 visitors join the festivities every year.

A Festival Hoping for Spring and Successful Harvest

With 800 years of history, Hachinohe Emburi is designated as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties. The name “Emburi” originated from people dancing while holding a farming tool for rice paddies called eburi. Emburi usually consists of 30 groups of 20~25 dancers each. A dancer called tayu wears a wild hat shaped like the head of a horse and dances while moving the head. This unique dance movement is said to express the movements of planting seeds and rice. Another feature that is sure to entertain visitors is the Shukufukugei, adorable dances by young children in the intervals between the main dances.

Oniwa Emburi (Garden Emburi)

The Oniwa Emburi (garden Emburi) is held at night at the Kojokaku, and has a contrasting atmosphere with the Emburi parade during daytime. Kojokaku features traditional Japanese style architecture build in 1897 and is a National Important Tangible Cultural Properties. Visitors of the Oniwa Emburi are served Amazake (a sweet drink made from rice) and Hachinohe local cuisine Senbei-jiru while they enjoy the Emburi Dances.

Address Kojokaku 5-4 Motokachishi-cho Hachinohe-shi Aomori-ken 031-0051
Contact TEL:0178-41-1661
Date and Time February 17th ~ 20th 1.16:00~ 2.18:00~ 3.20:00~
Fee ¥2,100(Advance Ticket)

Basic Information

Address Hachinohe City Center, Hachinohe City Hall Citizen Park, etc
Tel Hachinohe Tourist and Convention Association 0178-41-1661
Fax Hachinohe Tourist and Convention Association 0178-41-1680
Period February 17th ~ February 20th Annually
Price The Emburi for the general public and general roads are free for viewing.
URL (Japanese)https://visithachinohe.com/stories/enburi-info/


JR Hon-Hachinohe Station 10-minute Walk Hachinohe City Center

JR Hon-Hachinohe Station


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