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Snow Country Drifting Snow Tour

One-day Experience - Goshogawara-city

Snow Country Drifting Snow Tour
Snow Country Drifting Snow TourSnow Country Drifting Snow TourSnow Country Drifting Snow Tour

This unique program is a way for visitors to experience the fierce drifting snow of the frozen Tsugaru region of Aomori prefecture. Drifting snow, fallen snow wisping in the strong winds, is a well-known feature of Tsugaru region. The drifting snow can be of such an intensity that once it begins, it becomes difficult to see one’s own path. This rare tour has turned the troublesome drifting snow into a fascinating local experience.

The Snow in Tsugaru Strikes from Below

Visitors can become familiar with Tsugaru culture by going on the tour while wearing a traditional winter clothe called “Kakumaki” or riding the wide snow field of Tsugaru plains on a horse sleigh. If requested in advance, visitors can also fly a Tsugaru tako (kite). This tour has gained popularity domestically and internationally.
Phone Number:Tsugaru Jifubuki-kai Office 080-3195-4036(9:00~17:00)

Basic Information

Address Tsugaru Railway Kanagi Station (Departure Point)
(90-1 Ashino Kanagi-machi Goshogawara-shi, Aomori 037-0202)
Tel Tsugaru Jifubuki-kai Office 080-3195-4036(9:00~17:00)
Period Every Friday through Sunday, end of January to the end of February
*Reservation must be made at least five days in advance. 
Price Adult ¥2,500 Child ¥500 (Includes preschool children)
URL (Japanese)http://www.asoview.com/act/nature/aomori/are0021700/pln3000016044/


JR Goshogawara Station 1-minute walk Tsugaru Railway Tsugaru Goshogawara Station Tsugaru Railway 25-minute ride (¥550) Get off at Tsugaru Railway Kanagi Station

JR Goshogawara Station


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