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One-day Experience - Aomori Prefecture


Aomori Prefecture is surrounded on three sides by the Tsugaru Strait, Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean and has grand nature, such as the Shirakami-Sanchi and Towada Lake. Cycling tourism, traveling by bicycle and enjoying around such Aomori with the nature scene, rich local foods and various hot springs, attracts visitors.
Cycling and traveling freely through moderate ups and down road, you will find special delights such as communication with locals or own favorite spot.
“AOMORI CYCLING”, which Aomori Cycle Tourism Association promotes, suggests eight itineraries to travel and enjoy Aomori by bicycle.


Course 1: Natsudomari

Smooth as Scallops Ride

Cycling along with the Mutsu Bay. Enjoy local specialty, scallops and hot springs.


Course 2: Towada and Oirase

Treasures in Green Ride

Riding through the road with green scenery and river along Towada Lake

Lake Towada
Oirase Gorge


Apple Fields Forever Ride

Cycling along the Apple Road, partially getting on local train with your bike.

Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki Park)
Hirosaki Apple Park


Course 4: West Coast

Sunset & Sea Squids Ride

A west coast route along the Sea of Japan where shows beautiful sunset.

Lake Juniko (Twelve Lakes) /Aoike Pond


Course 5: Oku-Tsugaru

Clear Northern Day Ride

A long ride course looking over the view of the Tsugaru Strait and Mutsu Bay to the tip of Tsugaru Peninsula.

Cape Tappi


Course 6: Shimokita

Blue Sea & Forest Ride

A route, crossing over Shimokita Peninsula from Aomori by ferry, is recommended for seafood lovers.

Osorezan Reijo


Course 7: Ogawara Lake

Lakeside Camp Ride

A route catches American culture, cycling around Ogawara Lake.


Course 8: Hachinohe

Heaven on Earth Ride

A route will find scenery of Tanesashi Coast and energy at morning market.

Tanesashi Coast

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 about aomori

Aomori is the northern most pre fecture on the main island ofJap an at northern latitude of 40.12 to 41.33 degrees. It is located about the same lati tudeas New York, Beijing, Rome and Madrid. access

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