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Oirase Stream Koke Walks (Nature watching)

One-day Experience - Towada-city

Oirase Stream Koke Walks Nature watching
Oirase Stream Koke Walks Nature watching02Oirase Stream Koke Walks Nature watching03Oirase Stream Koke Walks Nature watching04

One of the characters of nature in Oirase Stream is cryptogams plant such as “koke (moss)”. When you watch carefully tiny things of nature, you might understand origin and structure of the woods. Moss is part of Oirase Stream’s scenery and moss watching with a loupe provides you the microscopic world of nature that you have never seen before.
There is a studio selling and offering hands-on class of koke-dama (moss ball) using moss and fern. At the studio you can experience to make koke-dama or buy “koke-dama” work made by the owner.

Oirase Moss Ball Kobo

Address 183 Tochikubo, Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori 034-0301
Tel 0176-74-1233
Closed Open year-round
Blog (Japanese) http://ameblo.jp/mossboll-o/

Basic Information

Address NPO Oirase Shizen Kanko Shigen Kenkyu Kai, 53-7 Nishi-jyuichibancyo, Towada-shi, Aomori 034-0095
Tel 0176-23-5866
Fax 0176-23-5866
Period Dates: Scheduled dates during May through October.
*For more detail, please contact to NPO Oirase Shizen Kanko Shigen Kenkyu Kai
Price ¥1,000 for adults, ¥500 for elementary school students
Wi-Fi Not Available
URL OIKEN (NPO Oirase Shizen Kanko Shigen Kenkyu Kai) (Japanese)


JR Aomori Station or Shin Aomori Station, Station Front JR Bus Mizuumi Line 120 minute ride (¥2,300) Get off at Yaiyama Bus Stop *Access to Oirase Stream.

JR Aomori Station


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