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Tsuta Onsen Tsuta Onsen Japanese Style Inn

Accommodations - Towada-city


Tsuta Onsen, located near the entrance of Oiraese gorge, lies surrounded by virgin beech wood. The hot spring is known to be used dating back 1000 years ago, and the inn has become one of the hidden gems of Aomori. The structure was made with beech and Japanese horse chestnut wood, with a comforting atmosphere that reminds people of the Taisho period. The meals include seasonal locally produced ingredients.
Behind the inn, numerous ponds and lakes of various sizes attract people to the great natural beauty that changes each season. Walking trails around the ponds and lakes beginning at Tsuta Onsen are available and easily accessible, allowing visitors to revel in Mother Nature.

Hot Spring Water Composition / Carbon hydrogen sodium spring, sulfite sodium spring, chloride spring
Hot Spring Benefits / Wounds, skin diseases, skin rejuvenation

Bubbling Hot Spring

Tsuta Onsen is one of the few 30 sites where the hot spring bubbles out from the ground. The bath tubs at Tsuta Onsen were placed directly on top of the water source, allowing bathers to enjoy the fresh hot spring straight from the base of the bath.
The hot water at Tsuta Onsen has a clear and gentle quality that does not tire the bathers. It is a perfect choice for those who enjoy taking long baths.

Basic Information

Address 1 Tsutanoyu Okuse Towada-shi Aomori-ken 034-0301
Tel 0176-74-2311
Fax 0176-74-2244
Open [One Day Onsen]
*Hours may be shortened depending on the number of guests.

[Check-in] 15:00~
[Check-out] ~10:00

Closed None
Price [One Day Onsen]
Adult ¥600 Child ¥300

[Room Rates]
Price varies by plan
Credit Card Accepted (JCB,UC)
Wi-Fi Available
URL (English, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean) https://tsutaonsen.com


JR Aomori Station or JR Shin-Aomori Station JR Bus Mizuumi-go* 110 minute ride (¥2,080) Get off at Tsuta Onsen Stop *JR Bus is out of service during the winter from mid-November to mid-April. Please use the free shuttle bus from Aomori Station or Shichinohe Towada Station (reservations required). Reservations must be made at least three days in advance. (TEL: 0176-74-2311)

JR Aomori Station


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