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Oma Maguro (tuna)

Food - Oma-town


Blue-fin tuna of Tsugaru Channel, also known as Hon-maguro, are typically larger than other tuna, weighing 200 to 300 kg (440 to 881 lbs). The greatest aspect of Oma tuna fishing is the pole-and-line fishing style.
Oma tuna is highly valued as rare specialty for its deliciousness and perfect amount of fat. In 2013, a 222-kg (489 lbs) tuna was sold at the record of 155.4 million yen at the Tsukiji market bidding. Oma tuna is also called the “black diamond” for its value and body color.
Around the end of October, the Oma Cho-maguro Matsuri (Oma Super Tuna Festival) is held at the town of Oma. Tuna butchering demonstration, sales exhibition, and seafood barbeque are a few of the entertaining events at the festival.
The Oma tuna is used in a variety of local dishes such as a tuna burger, Oma maguro-joyu (soy sauce with tuna extract), stick sushi, and Oma tuna curry.

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Why Oma Tuna is Delicious

The best part of Oma tuna is its perfect balance of fat. The Oma tuna swims in the Tsugaru channel, where the currents of the Atlantic Ocean and Sea of Japan join, the fish mainly prey on squid and fatty saury. This gives the tuna just the right amount of fat. Blue-fin tuna are said to swim as fast as 90 km/hour (55 miles/hour) to maintain their body temperature in the cold northern ocean. The Oma tuna is a favorite for sashimi (sliced raw fish), with delectable red meat. The best season for Oma tuna is from fall to New Year, during the coldest season.

Shops/Restaurants Serving Oma Tuna

Sakana-kui no Oomanzoku
Adress 17-377 Omadaira Oma Oma-machi, Aomori 039-4601
TEL 0175-37-5633
Bed & Restaurant Marine House Kudo
Adress 17-736 Omadaira Oma Oma-machi, Aomori 039-4601
TEL 0175-37-2479
Restaurant Sumiyoshi
Adress 20-1 Ueno Oma Oma-machi, Aomori 039-4601
TEL 0175-37-4502
Iso-bune Sushi
Address 23-32 Hosoma Oma Oma-machi, Aomori 039-4601
TEL 0175-37-4502
Address 69-3 Oma Oma Oma-machi, Aomori 039-4601
TEL 0175-37-2739
Adress 75 Oma Oma Oma-machi, Aomori 039-4601
TEL 0175-37-4570

Basic Information

Address Oma-machi, Shimokita, Aomori
URL Oma Town Office(Japanese)


JR Hachinohe Station Transfer Aoi-mori Railway Hachinohe Station Aoi-mori Railway 45-minute ride (¥1,340) Aoi-mori Raiwy Noheji Station JR Ominato Line 55-minute ride (¥1,140) JR Shimokita Station Shimokita Kotsu Bus Mutsu/Sai Line 90-minute ride (¥2,050) Get off at Oma Bus Stop

JR Hachinohe Station


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