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Resort Shirakami

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“Resort Shirakami” is a popular train with grand view of the Sea of Japan, running from Hirosaki, Aomori along the Gono Line to Akita. The floor of coach is designed higher than usual and windows are very wide, so passengers can enjoy the beautiful vistas. When the train runs around scenic area such as Senjojiki Coast, it will slow down and give announcement for viewpoint. Onboard events like performance of Kataribe [storyteller of legend or folktales] with Tsugaru dialect and Tsugaru-jamisen are offered for passenger enjoyment.

Station: Aomori – Shin-Aomori – Hirosaki – Kawabe – Itayanagi – Mutsu-Tsuruta – Goshogawara – Kizukuri – Mutsu-Morita – Ajigasawa – Senjojiki – Fukaura – WeSpa Tsubakiyama – Juniko – Iwadate – Akita-Shirakami – Noshiro – Higashi-Noshiro – Moridake – Hachirogata – Oiwake – Akita

Basic Information

Address Prefecture
Tel [Information in English, Korean, Chinese] 050-2016-1603
*Phone number above is not for reservation.
Price Fares are different for where ride on and get off.
URL JR East Japan "Resort Shirakami"


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