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“Juhyo (snow monsters)” and “Icefall” that appear Only in Winter of Aomori and are Too Beautiful

In Aomori Prefecture, we are right in winter season now.
When you say winter, you must imagine snow view.
Yes, we have so beautiful white landscape that makes you forget coldness.

Juhyo (ice trees)- Snow Monsters

Juhyo (ice trees)- Snow Monsters
Frost-covered trees, called “juhyo” in Japanese, can only be seen in certain parts of the winter mountainous regions. The formation of juhyo, which the evergreen conifer collect thick layers of snow and ice, requires the conditions of temperature below 5 degrees Celsius. The trees freeze into these forms are also called “snow monsters.”
At the Hakkoda Mountains, located on the south side of Aomori City, you can see those views in this coming freezing season.
The Hakkoda Ski Resort attracts skiers where people can enjoy backcountry skiing through those ice trees.

Hakkoda Mountains
Hakkoda Ski Area
Hakkoda Ropeway
Hakkoda Ski Resort Guide

Icefall- Icicle of Frozen Waterfall

Icefall- Icicle of Frozen Waterfall
Oirase Stream, where is known for one of the best places to walk through autumn foliage, shows and makes you enjoy with different scene of frozen waterfall in winter.
Guided tours are available, which take and show you the natural landscape of Oirase Stream, such as illuminated frozen waterfall, icicle and snow view.

Oirase Gorge
Lake Towada
Lake Towada Winter Story Festival

Icefall- Icicle of Frozen Waterfall

Oirase Stream’s Winter Tours of Frozen Waterfall View

Tour 1: Departure and arrival at Towada City’s main area and Yakiyama
Operating Period January 5 – March 17, 2019 5:40pm – 8:50pm (incase of departing and arrival at Towada City)
Tour bus stops Towada-shi Cyuou, The Towada Art Center (Towada-shi Gendai Bijyutsukan), Lake Towada Onsenkyo, Oirase Keiryu-kan
Fee ¥1,000 through 2,000 per person (¥500 through 1000 per child)
Tour 2: Departure and arrival at Lake Towada
Operating Period January 17 – 31, 2019, 7:00pm – 8:40pm
Tour bus stops Towada Lakeside Yasumiya
Fee ¥3,000 per person (¥1,500 per child)
Tour 3: Departure and arrival at the venue of Lake Towada Winter Story Festival
Operating Period February 1 – 24, 2019, 5:30pm – 7:10pm
Tour bus stops Venue of Lake Towada Winter Story Festival
Fee ¥3,000 per person (¥1,500 per child)

Booking deadline:5 days before the tour date you request
Application form (in Japanese)

Those spectacular views can only be seen in limited times, therefore it must capture your heart and will be unforgettable memories. Why don’t you come to meet the fantastic natural wonder of Aomori’s winter?

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