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Culture - Hirosaki-city


Zenringai in Hirosaki is a unique district in Japan as where is packed with only Soto Zen temples. Including Choshoji Temple, 33 Zen (Sotoshu) temples stand in line like trees in wood, and therefore it is called as Zenringai (each word from Zen-rin-gai refers Zen, woods and district in Japanese).
In 1610, under Nobuhira, the second lord of the Tsugaru domain, the Zen temples were moved here from the entire Tsugaru region as a fortress on the southwest of the castle.

Basic Information

Address Nishi-shigemori, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-8273
Tel Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau; 0172-35-3131
Fax Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau; 0172-35-3132
Wi-Fi None
URL Hirosaki Tourism And Convention Bureau (English, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese)


JR Hirosaki Station, Chuo Exit, Station Front #6 Bus Stop Konan Bus, Kawaradaira, Tashiro, Oaki or Shigemori Line ( 15 min,ride ¥230) Shigemori-machi Bus Stop 5 min walks Zenringai *Hirosaki City Loop Bus “Tamenobu Line” is also accessible. (Bus doesn’t run in winter season.)


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