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Hands-on Experience of Wagashi Cooking

One-day Experience - Aomori-city, Hirosaki-city, Hachinohe-city


Wagashi is Japanese traditional confectionary like “nerikiri*” as a representative and many others such as yokan, dango, manju, etc. wagashi is mostly expressing four season; cherry blossom in spring, clearness of cool in summer, autumn leaves in fall and snow in winter. There are also wagashi cooking classes by professionals.
*Neriki; Made by mixing shiro-an (white bean paste) and gyuhi (a kind of mochi, which is made from mochi rice powder steamed or boiled, added sugar or mizuame, a Japanese sweetener, and kneaded) or tsukuneimo (Japanese yam).

Travel agency offering a tour of wagashi workshop

Regular lesson of wagashi cooking

Okashi-dokoro Marumiya

Address 8-8-35 Konakano, Hachnohe-shi, Aomori 031-0802
Tel 0178-22-6105
Fax 0178-47-3553
URL (Japanese)http://www.marumiya.jp/index-2.html

Kashisho Shoeido

Basic course February, April, June, August and October
Advance course March, May, July, September and November
Fixed number 10 – 15 (2 to 3 per table)
Admission ¥2000
Payment of the admission fee should be done when applying.
Cancelation is accepted by the day before of lesson only on the phone. Admission fee will be paid back.
Apply should be done before. Not acceptable on the lesson day.
Bring your own apron and scarf to cover your hair for the class.
Address 1-5-4 Sakaemachi, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0903
Tel 017-743-1863
Fax 017-742-2420
URL (Japanese)http://www.syoeido.co.jp/publics/index/204


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