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Scenic Beauty, Seibien

Culture - Hirakawa-city


A unique style of landscape called Oishi Bugaku-ryu has been inherited from the past in Tsugaru. Seibien, a government-designated historic site, is a typical example of this gardening style. Construction of this pond-circuit style garden is said to have begun in 1902. Taking 9 years to complete, the garden covers approximately 1.2 ha of land. A yew tree is trimmed in the shape of the god that created the heaven and the earth, a picturesque touch placed among the carefully positioned garden rocks whose background is the Tsugaru Plain and far away mountains. It is a famous scenic spot with a fabulous decorative landscape. Seibikan, standing in one corner of Seibien, is a unique building with a purely Japanese-style structure on the first floor, and a western style-structure on the second floor. The architecture is characteristic of buildings during the Rokumeikan age. The beauty of the building harmonizes with the garden, evoking a scene from the Meiji Era.

Basic Information

Address 1 Aza Ishihabashi, Saruka, Hirakawa-shi, Aomori 036-0242
Tel 0172-57-2020
URL (English)http://www.seibien.jp/


10-min. walk from Konan Tetsudo Tsugaru-Onoe Station
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