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Accommodations with characteristic hot springs in Aomori

There are many distinct types of inns with the hot springs in Aomori Prefecture.
Which one will attract you?

Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya

Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya
This outdoor bath makes you as if floating in the middle of the pond. At night lightings give a mystical atmosphere.
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JR Hachinohe Station
Aoi-mori Railway 20 minute ride (¥ 580)
Aoi-mori Railway Misawa Station
Free Shuttle Bus 5 minute ride
Hoshino Resort Aomoriya
*Free shuttle bus available from Hachinohe Station, Shin-Aomori Station, and Misawa Airport (Advance reservation required).

Sukayu Onsen (Hot Spring)

Sukayu Onsen (Hot Spring)
Sukayu Onsen is known for “A 1000-person Hiba Tree Bath”, which is a large wooden and mixed-gender hot spring bath. Both young and elderly, and men and women soak in the tub in relaxing mode.
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JR Aomori Station or JR Shin-Aomori Station
JR Bus Mizuumi-go 80 minute ride
Get off at Sukayu Onsen Mae Stop
*There is no direct bus from Aomori Airport to Sukayu.

Aomori Winery Hotel

Aomori Winery Hotel
There is an outdoor bath with the scent of the Hiba tree, which locates in the mountain. A winery is attached to the hotel so that visitors can taste various kinds of original wines.
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JR Hirosaki Station
Ou Honsen 10-minute ride
JR Owani Onsen Station
Free Shuttle bus* 10 minutes/summer, 25 minutes/winter
Aomori Winery Hotel
*Free Shuttle bus available from Owani Onsen Station.

Hoshi-to-Mori-no Romantopia

Hoshi-to-Mori-no Romantopia
Both a large public bath and an outdoor bath offer a view of Mount Iwaki, also known as Tsugaru Fuji. It is the hotel that people would enjoy a night view of the sky full of stars.
Click here for details of “Hoshi-to-Mori-no Romantopia.”


JR Hirosaki Staion, Station Front #6 Bus Stop
Konan Bus Soma Line 45 minute ride
Get off at Hirosaki City Hall Soma Branch Bus Stop
Shuttle bus* 5 minute ride
*Romantopia offers a free shuttle bus for guests who stay or use day-trip plan (reservation required).

Hotel Towadaso

Hotel Towadaso
There are two different decorated bathes. One has a column using a motif of an ancient temple, and the other is Japanese style with a “Yagura,” which is a high wooden stage, in the center of the bath. The men and women bath switch to enjoy both types of bathes.
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JR Aomori Station/JR Shin-Aomori Station Bus Stop
JR Bus Mizuumi-go* 180-minute ride
Get off at Towadako Station Bus Stop
3-minute walk
Hotel Towadaso

Shimofuro Hot Springs Town

Shimofuro Hot Springs Town
Shimofuro Hot Springs is a tasteful Japanese area where there are several hot spring hotels and inns. This area is famous for the day-trip public bathes and nostalgic inns with hot springs.
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JR Hachinohe Station
Aoi-mori Railway 45 minute ride
Noheji Station
JR Ominato Line 60 minute ride
JR Shimokita Station
Shimokita Kotsu Bus bound for Sai 60 minute ride
Get off at Shimofuro bus stop

There are many hot springs in Aomori Prefecture. They have much more hot spring bath and accommodations.
You should find your favorite Onsen, hot spring.
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