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Furukawa Market and Nokke-don

Furukawa Market and Nokke-don
Aomori’s chilly northern waters make the local seafood rich in flavor. Furukawa Market in Aomori City is among the best places to try this fantastic seafood.
In particular, Furukawa Market offers a special dish (or perhaps “experience” would be a better word) known as “Nokke-don.” The system is simple yet deceptively fun.
Here’s how it works:
At the front desk you pay, receive a sheet of tickets, and then get a bowl of rice. You then browse the various vendors’ booths and chose toppings for your rice bowl. Special Nokke-don trays are set aside with prices written in number of tickets. For example, a few slices of tuna might put you back 2 tickets. The beauty of Nokke-don is the power of personalization. Every bowl comes out looking different, and thanks to the variety of fare available there’s something to fit everyone’s tastes.
Locals have been coming to the market for fresh seafood since the 1960s, so an air of nostalgia (and of course delicious fish) welcomes you as you walk through the door.
5 minutes walking from Aomori Station, closed on Tuesdays.

Furukawa Fish Market Nokke-don
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Furukawa Market and Nokke-don


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