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Furukawa Fish Market Nokke-don

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Furukawa Fish Market  Nokke-don
Furukawa Fish Market  Nokke-donFurukawa Fish Market  Nokke-donFurukawa Fish Market  Nokke-don

For those looking for a bite around Aomori station, look no further. The “Nokke-don” at the local’s kitchen, Aomori Gyosai Center (also known as Furukawa Fish Market), is a must-eat. Nokke-don, which literally means a rice bowl with toppings, is a dish allowing customers to pick toppings from the wide selection to place on top of rice. Whether you want to try a variety of things or enjoy both seafood and meat, it is the ultimate rice dish for choosy eaters.

How to Enjoy Your Original Don

Do you want to try rare ingredients and dishes? Done. Or do you want to eat your favorites as much as possible? Done. Customers can make their original-don with the wide selection of product within the market.
1. Buy a ticket at the Information Desk or one of the selected shops.
2. Go to a shop with the orange flag and get a bowl of rice in exchange with the ticket.
3. Find your toppings and make your don with your preferred choice of ingredients and amount. There is a wide selection of sashimi, meat, and side dishes.
4. Your Original-don is ready! Enjoy your don at the rest area of the market.
*Take-out or shipping of the Nokke-don is not available.

Basic Information

Address Aomori Gyosai Center
1-11-16, Furukawa, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0862
Tel Nokke-don Information Desk 017-763-0085
Fax Nokke-don Information Desk 017-763-0085
Open Nokke-don Hours: 7:00 ~ 16:00 *Each shop hour varies.
Closed Every Tuesday
January 1st – 2nd
*Possible unscheduled temporary closure.
Price Nokke-don Tickets ¥540 or ¥1,080
URL (English)https://nokkedon.jp/


JR Aomori Station East Exit 5-minute walk Aomori Gyosai Center (Furukawa Market)

JR Aomori Station


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