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Kuroishi Onsen Region

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Kuroishi Onsen Region, where has been flourished since ancient time, is generic term of four hot springs regions of Nuruyu, Ochiai, Itadome, Aoni. Addition to it, characteristic hot springs such as Ogawara Onsen, Choju Onsen are scattered in Kuroishi City, and they are different for mineral composition. Among them, Aoni Onsen, which is also called as Lamp-no-Yado opened in 1929, is nationally popular as only one inn in rarely visited region.

Nuruyu Onsen

Nuruyu Onsen has opened for more than 400 years. The lodges that people stay for healing, called as Kyakusha, is surrounding a large public bath. The town has calm and idyllic atmosphere.
Type of Onsen: sodium-chloride springs
Efficacy: digestive tract ailments, skin disease, rheumatism, gout

Ochiai Onsen

Ochiai Onsen region faces Itadome Onsen-kyo with Asaseishi River flowing slowly between them. The hot spring inns gathered in the foot of mountain is called as “Kuroishi-no-Okuzashiki (parlour)”.
Type of Onsen: calcium-sodium-sulfate-chloride springs
Efficacy: eye diseases, nerve pain, skin diseases

Itadome Onsen

Itadome Onsen region faces to Ochiai Onsen-kyo with Asaseishi River between them. The view from inn is magnificent with beautiful scenery of Mt Iwaki. The inn is located in calm and comfortable setting.
Type of onsen: sodium-chloride-calcium-sulfate springs
Efficacy: skin disease, gynecological disorders, nerve pain

Aoni Onsen

Aoni Onsen, located on the riverside of rarely visited valley in Aoni, has three cottages separate from the main lodging and is known for Lamp-no-Yado.
Type of onsen: simple hot springs
Efficacy: gastroenteropathy, nerve pain

Ogawara Onsen

Ogawara Onsen region is close to Kuroishi Onsen region and quietly located in the village in the mountain.
Type of onsen: alkaline simple springs
Efficacy: nereve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, rheumatisum

Choju Onsen

Choju Onsen is public bath where you can easily stop by for bathing.
Type of onsen: alkaline simple springs
Efficacy: nerve pain, joint pain, muscle pain, disturbance of motility, recovery from exhaustion

Basic Information

Address Nuruyu Onsen; Aza-tsuruizumi, Nuruyu, Kuroishi City, Aomori 036-0411
Ochiai Onsen; Fukuro, Kuroishi City, Aomori 036-0412
Itadome Onsen; Miyashita, Itadome, Kuroishi City, Aomori 036-0404
Aoni Onsen: Aza-aonisawa-takinoue, Okiura, Kuroishi City, Aomori 036-0402
Ogawara Onsen; 8 Aza-yachimori, Ogawara, Kuroishi City, Aomori 036-0401
Choju Onsen; 97-1 Aza-murashimo, Shimo-yamagata, Kuroishi City, Aomori 036-0414
Tel Tel: Kuroishi Tourismu Association 0172-52-3488
Fax Fax: Kuroishi Tourism Association 0172-53-5032
Open Business hours are different for each hot springs.
Price Fares are different for each hot springs.
URL Kuroishi City(Japanese)http://www.city.kuroishi.aomori.jp/Sight_Seeing/Sig_Onsen.html


JR Hirosaki Station a one minute walk Konan Railway, Hirosaki Station Konan Railway (approx. 30 min., ¥460) Kuroishi Station

JR Hirosaki Station


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