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Seikan Tunnel Memorial Hall

Culture - Sotogahama-town


Seikan Tunnel, the longest undersea tunnel in the world, opened for service in March 1988, 42 years after it was first conceived. The Memorial Hall presents the history of its construction through a 3D model, visual images and panels. There is an exhibition zone where visitors can experience a 45 minute course to learn how this tunnel, measuring a total of 53.85 km and submerged 240 meters underwater, was constructed. The cable car that takes visitors to this underwater tunnel 140 meters under water in just 9 minutes is the shortest private railway in the world, the Seikan Tunnel Tappi Shako-Line.

Basic Information

Address 99 Minmayatatsuhama, Sotogahama-machi, Aomori 030-1711
Open April 25 - November 10
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Take the Sogtogahara-machi Kanjo Bus bound for Tappi from JR Mishimaya Station and get off at Seikan Tunnel Kinenkan (27 min. ride) * A bus bound for the lighthouse operates from April 25 to November 10. During the winter period, get off at Tappi Gyoko and follow Kaidan National Route for 15 min.


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