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Tourist Sights of Asamushi Onsen Area in Aomori City

Asamushi Onsen Area in Aomori City
Asamushi Onsen Area in Aomori City is a famous sight for tourists because of its convenient location that it only takes about 30 minutes from downtown by car. You can enjoy the one-day trip with various activities such as hot springs hunting or trying “Ashiyu” where you can soak only your foot in the bath with wearing your clothes. Here is the information of the tourist sights including landmarks of Asamushi Onsen Area.

Asamushi Onsen

Asamushi Onsen
“Asamushi Yufuda,” which is one special pass for hot spring hunting and is a good deal for tourists, sells for ¥1,000 with allowing you to visit up to two hot springs and ¥1,500 up to three baths. Moreover, you can enjoy “Sweets Hunting” that you can taste various sweets of Aomori-made ingredients at each inn, or “Otakara (treasure) Hunting” that offer you a tour to look around traditional things of each facility.
Asamushi Onsen Village
Nambuya Kaisenkaku
Asamushi Onsen(Japanese)

“Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station)” Asamushi Onsen Yusa Asamushi

Asamushi Onsen Yusa Asamushi
It is a facility where is a market to buy souvenirs on the first floor, and a restaurant where you can eat dishes of scallops and ramen on the third floor. Also on the fifth floor, there is a hot spring bath, which is a reasonable price, with a panoramic view of sunrise and sunset of the Mutsu Bay.
Rest Area Asamushi Onsen, Yu-sa Asamushi
“Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station)” Asamushi Onsen Yusa Asamushi(Japanese)

Asamushi Aquarium

Asamushi Aquarium
It is an aquarium exhibiting 10,000 aquatic organisms. There are approximately 300 kinds of life around Aomori area and others on display. The popular dolphin show is available to watch all year round.
Aquarium Asamushi
Asamushi Aquarium(English)

Asamushi Firework Festival

Asamushi Firework Festival
The firework festival in Asamushi Onsen, which is held at the seaside of Aomori, is a famous event in summer. About 4,000 fireworks will be launched at Asamushi Seaside Park, which is about 5 minutes from Asamushi Onsen Station.
Date: August 1
Seat: Paid seating is available on the day of the festival.
Asamushi Firework Festival 2019(Japanese)

Forest, River and Sea, Hotate Hiroba

Forest, River and Sea, Hotate Hiroba
It is a facility, which sells Hiranai Town’s scallops, seafood caught in the Mutsu Bay and other souvenirs. Also, there is a restaurant “Hotate Ichiban” where visitors can enjoy original dishes using local scallops.
Forest, River and Sea, Hotate Hiroba(Japanese)

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