A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture


Hachinohe Emburi

Hachinohe Emburi is a traditional folk festival held in anticipation for the arrival of spring and successful harvest. Held for four days from February 17th to the 20th every year, the...more

Winter Shirakami Trekking

A chance to find winter beech buds, hares, and Japanese serows. Delightful silvery-white Shirakami! (Price: ¥2,500)...more

Aomori Ginger-Miso Oden

Ginger-Miso Oden are said to be spread out when a food stall near Aomori Station offered them to passengers of Seikan Ferry to warm up in a severe winter, which was well-received and became po...more


The word Kenoshiru is originated from "kayushiru (porridge)", Kenoshiru is a miso soup cooked with root vegetables such as daikon radish, carrots and burdock, edible wild plants, and d...more


Codfish represents the winter fish caught in Aomori. Jappa-Jiru is a miso soup using the head, bony parts & guts of codfish, and boiled with daikon radish, chinese cabbage, konjac, tof...more

Hachinohe Senbei-Jiru

Nanbu Senbei, flour crackers are consumed not only for a snack but also as a staple diet & alcohol side dish in the southern part of Aomori. Senbei-Jiru is a soy sauce broth with veget...more

Snow Corridor

The road connecting Sukayu Hakkoda Hotel and Yachi Onsen, closed during the winter, is reopened on April 1st. Before the opening of the road, the Hakkoda walk is held annually, in which pa...more

Aomori Winter Festival

The theme of the festival is "Let's play with snow." There is a huge snow slide, and many recreational activities for family and friends. ...more

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