A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture

West and North Tsugaru

Hotel Sunroute Goshogawara

Features: Business hotel with hot spring Rooms: 96(Single/80, Twin/12, Others/4) Meal: [B] Western/ Japanese Set Meal [D] Western/ Japanese Set Meal Public Bath: Indoor Parkin...more

Hotel Tappi

Features: Large indoor bath facing to the Tsugaru Strait and outdoor bath Rooms: 50(Japanese/14, Hybrid/28, Twin/4, Others/4) Meal: [B]Japanese Set Meal [D]Kaiseki Course ...more

Tsugaru Chikyumura

Features: Cottage with Outdoor bath and large bath with woody aroma Rooms: 18(Cottage/5, Twin/2, Japanese/11) Meal: [B] Western/Japanese Set Meal [D] Western/Japanese Set Mea...more

Hotel Sunroute Patio Goshogawara

Features: Bus Stop of Aomori Airport line is located in front of the hotel Rooms: 119(Single/102, Double/5, Twin/11, Others/1) Meal: [B] Western/ Japanese Set Meal Park...more

Winter Shirakami Trekking

A chance to find winter beech buds, hares, and Japanese serows. Delightful silvery-white Shirakami! (Price: ¥2,500)...more

Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki

High quality local clay is used and fired unglazed in kilns with red pine lumber. This method, known as Yakishime, achieves temperatures of as high as 1,360 degrees, brings a rustic to...more

AWONE Shirakami Juniko

At the foot of Shirakami Sanchi is Awone Shirakami Jyuniko, which features a Finnish restaurant, local specialty shop and Northern European longhouses. The observatory and rest facilit...more

Aomori Spring Golf Club

The Tournament Course provides golfers a challenging game throughout its over 7,000 yards. Select a caddie who can, no doubt, help improve your score. The Resort Course is a casual cou...more

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