A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture


Oku-Yagen Onsen (Kappa-no-Yu / Fufu-Kappa-no-Yu)

Yagen Onsen, described as the Honshu Hot Spa, is located along the Ohata River where there is a 4.4 km walking trail from Yagen to Oku-Yagen. The trail is surrounded by cypress, beech ...more

Yunokawa Onsen

Idyllic hot spring in mountainous area located 14 km from Kawauchi-machi, the stage for a novel Kigakaikyo by Tsutomu Mizukami. This has always been popular as a hot spring spa area, w...more

Kamafuseyama Ski Resort

The Kamafuseyama ski resort is located on the Shimokita Peninsula, the northernmost point on the main island, at the southern peak of the Kamafuse Mountains. It is rare to have a view ...more


Kaiyaki-Miso is a homestyle cooking with a big scallop shell used as a pan to grill a beated egg with miso and stock. Depending on the area, fish or scallops are added in it. It was a nutritio...more

Yagen Stream

Yagen Stream featuring an expanse of untouched nature. This approximately 4 km path runs from the Yagen Bridge to Oku Yagen Onsen, offering visitors a leisurely hour-long walk in natur...more

Osorezan Taisai Festival

The festivals held twice yearly attract visitors to the shrine from all over Japan. "Itako-no-kuchiyose," is a particularly unique and mysterious event in which the spirits of depart...more

Osorezan Reijo

Osorezan has been considered a sacred mountain for over 1,100 years ago since Jikakutaishi of Tendai Buddhism established it as a place of worship in 862. Osorezan, also known as Uso...more

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