A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture

Middle and Sourth Tsugaru

Apple Pie Hunting

Hirosaki City is known for a home of apple, there are many shops selling apple pie in the town. “Hirosaki Apple Pie Guide Map”, which is published by researching about 50 apple pies i...more

Shunsen-Sakanadokoro Najimi

On every Friday and Saturday, starting at 19:30 and 21:30 , the restaurant hosts Tsugaru-jamisen live performance. Using fresh marine products, caught and delivered directly from loca...more

Tsugaru-jamisen Dining “Hibiki”

You will enjoy live performance of Tsugaru-jamisen and local cuisine of home-style cooking. Performance is held once generally starting at 19:00, however it is held twice a day for ...more

Hirosaki Castle Yuki-Doro Festival (Snow Lantern Festival)

Hirosaki Castle, a famous spot for cherry blossoms, is exceptional in the winter as well. Hirosaki Castle Yuki-Doro Festival is one of five major snow festivals of Tohoku region sinc...more

Furusato-no-Hibiki Aiya

The place hosts live performance of Tsugaru-jamisen with serving local cuisine. There are 2 floors, first floor has capacity for 28 seats at table and second has 35 seats on zashiki[si...more

Tsugaru-Jamisen-to-Kyodo-Ryori-no-Mise Anzu

This local cuisine restaurant in Hirosaki City not only serves abundant regional foods, but also it hosts powerful performance of Tsugaru-jamisen. Performances are held twice a day, at ...more

Hirosaki Apple Park

Hirosaki Park is the home to over 1300 apples trees with 65 different varieties. Visitors can tour and have hands-on experience of the steps involved in apple production. At the producti...more

Nakano Momiji Mountain

Nakano Momiji Mountain of Kuroishi city is famous for its autumn foliage. Every fall, the mountain side is filled with blazing red leaves. The night illumination creates a magical atmo...more

Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki Park)

Hirosaki Castle refers to not only the castle structure called Tenshu (castle tower), but also to the entire grounds of Hirosaki Park. The castle construction was planned in 1603 by ...more

Hirosaki Neputa Festival

The Hirosaki Neputa Festival is a summer festival held in the old castle town of Hirosaki. About 80 neputas of various sizes – large fan-shaped floats depicting epic and fantastic imag...more

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