A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture

Middle and Sourth Tsugaru

Hirosaki City Hoshi-to-Mori-no Romantopia

Hoshi-to-Mori-no-Romantopia, located on the foot of Mt. Iwaki and close to Shirakami-Sanchi, is an accommodation surrounded by nature. It has various leisure facilities such as onsen (h...more

Aomori Winery Hotel (Formerly Aomori Royal Hotel)

Aomori Winery Hotel is a scenic resort hotel standing on the peak of Ajara Highlands near Owani Onsen Ski Resort. Our hotel is highly regarded as a great place with serene guestrooms, luxurious ...more


“Ramen”, it is said to be one of the best-loved dishes in Japan. Aomori Prefecture is one of the Japan’s most consumers of ramen, and there are various kinds of ramen with local charact...more


JR East offers valuable train tickets such as “JR EAST PASS”, for foreign travelers visiting Japan. “JR EAST PASS” is an economical ticket, which allows unlimited ride of Shinkansen or Expr...more


JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint offering of the six companies comprising the Japan Railway Group (JR Group), is the most economical ticket for traveling throughout Japan even with several conditions ...more

Kuroishi Onsen Region

Kuroishi Onsen Region, where has been flourished since ancient time, is generic term of four hot springs regions of Nuruyu, Ochiai, Itadome, Aoni. Addition to it, characteristic hot springs...more

Lamp Inn Aoni Onsen

Aoni Stream flows from the Minami Hakkoda mountain range and is characterized by the surrounding virgin forest, waterfalls, and rapid currents. Aoni Onsen is located within the Aoni Stre...more


Aomori produced apples make up over 50% of the apple market of Japan. In 2012, apple production in Aomori exceeded 446,000 tons, roughly 56% of the domestic market. As the number one p...more

Asobe no mori IWAKISO

Asobe no mori IWAKISO is a hot spring lodging facility with a modern Japanese style atmosphere that matches the surrounding nature. The restaurant is a 100-year old farm house that was...more

Minamida Onsen Hotel Apple Land

Minamida Onsen Hotel Apple Land is located in Hirakawa city of Minami Tsugaru. The hot spring water composition is rare for the Tohoku region and is categorized as weak alkali hot spri...more

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