A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture

Middle and Sourth Tsugaru

Dakekimi Corn

Dakekimi sweet corn is grown in the Dake district plateau country at the foot of Mt. Iwaki, which is located in the center of the Tsugaru Region. The huge temperature differences betw...more

Anmon-no-Taki Waterfall

This waterfall has three steps: from the top, "Ichi-no-Taki (first fall)" 42 meters, "Ni-no-Taki (second fall)" 37 meters, and "San-no-Taki (third fall)" 26 meters, all of which are ...more

Mt. Iwaki Skyline

Iwaki Skyline is a toll road with a great view that takes you up to the 8th station. There are 69 twists along a total of approximately 10 km. The natural forest of 90 year-old beech t...more

Mount Iwaki

Mount Iwaki is a compound volcano located in the southwest portion of the Tsugaru Plain. The mountain has a conical shape with three peaks. Standing 1,625 meters high, it is the highes...more

Kuroishi Yosare

One of the three most famous dance festivals in Japan. It has a long tradition, in which residents and tourists both from within and outside the prefecture dance throughout one night i...more

Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center

The visitor center provides information on Shirakami Sanchi's attractions, including the world's largest beech tree forest. There is a theater that shows highlights of the four seasons...more

Former Hirosaki City Library

This library was built to commemorate victory in the Japanese-Russo War in 1906 and was used as city library until 1931. It is a 3-story wooden mortar building with twin octagonal towe...more

Scenic Beauty, Seibien

A unique style of landscape called Oishi Bugaku-ryu has been inherited from the past in Tsugaru. Seibien, a government-designated historic site, is a typical example of this gardening ...more

Kushihiki-Hachiman-gu Shrine

Providing divine protection to the Nanbu domain, the shrine stands as the "Nanbu Ichi-no-miya." The main hall of the shrine was built by Nanbu Shigenao in 1648. A national treasure, th...more


Komise along Naka-Machi Ave., selected one of the best 100 streets in Japan, features an arcaded shopping area with traditional structures remaining from the Edo Period. Komise was m...more

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