A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture

Middle and Sourth Tsugaru

Hirosaki Episcopal Anglian Ascension Church

The Hirosaki Episcopal Anglian Ascension Church is a protestant church established in 1896 as a place to introduce Christianity. The church is a member of The Diocese of Northeast of ...more

Former To-o Gijuku Missionary Residence

The Former To-o Gijuku Missionary Residence was built in 1900 as a residence for the missionaries who came to teach at To-o Gijuku, the first private school in Aomori Prefecture founde...more

Tsugaru Traditional Craft Centre / Tsugaru Kokeshi Doll Museum

At the Tsugaru Traditional Craft Centre, there are 7 studios for traditional Tsugaru crafts and performing arts such as lacquered ware and Kuroishi Neputa. Visitors can look around an...more


Zenringai in Hirosaki is a unique district in Japan as where is packed with only Soto Zen temples. Including Choshoji Temple, 33 Zen (Sotoshu) temples stand in line like trees in wood...more

Itadome Onsen

At Itadome, you can see the flow of the Aseishikawa River and the grandeur of Iwaki Mountain from the guest rooms and the baths. Only in this tranquil hot spring village can you enjoy ...more

Nuruyu Onsen

With a history of more than 400 years, Nuruyu is the most historic hot spring in Kuroishi Spa Resort, and throughout the town you can still see remnants of that history. The hot spring...more

Kazen no Sho

Guestrooms: 18 Japanese-style Capacity: 108 individual guests, 130 in groups Facilities: Onsen baths, communal baths, open-air baths, conference room, bar, coffee shop, souvenir sh...more

Dake Onsen

Dake has been known for its fountainhead since the Edo period, and a plateau near the hot spring served as the setting for Yojiro Ishizaka's novel "Kusa wo Karu Onna" (The Grass-Cuttin...more

Chosho-ji Temple (Zenringai)

Chosho-ji is a temple with Bodhisattvas built for Tsugaru Lords. Its Sanmon (main gate), standing 16.2 meters high, was built by the 2nd Lord Nobuhira in 1629. Sanmon is a teaching in ...more

Hotel Route Inn Hirosakijoto

Free late checkout (until 12 noon)...more

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