A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture


Towada Lakeside Hotel

Towada Lakeside Hotel is a small hotel with an exclusive 23 guest rooms facing Lake Towada. Every guest room has a bath, a rest room, and full heating and air conditining. The large co...more

Fruit Picking

Aomori has various kind of fruits cultivation all over the prefecture including apples that are the highest production in Japan, and there are farms to be able to enjoy fruits picking from spr...more

Utarube Campsite

The campsite in the quiet and rich forest, located on the Ogura Peninsula at the Towada Lakeside, have beautiful view of the Lake Towada in front and Mount Hakkoda at some distance. T...more


“Ramen”, it is said to be one of the best-loved dishes in Japan. Aomori Prefecture is one of the Japan’s most consumers of ramen, and there are various kinds of ramen with local charact...more


JR East offers valuable train tickets such as “JR EAST PASS”, for foreign travelers visiting Japan. “JR EAST PASS” is an economical ticket, which allows unlimited ride of Shinkansen or Expr...more


JAPAN RAIL PASS, a joint offering of the six companies comprising the Japan Railway Group (JR Group), is the most economical ticket for traveling throughout Japan even with several conditions ...more

Makado Tourist Hotel

Makado Tourist Hotel is proud home to the outdoor hot spring “Shikanoyu”, an open-air bath with a magnificent view of the sunset and an overlook of the Mutsu bay. The large bath is mad...more

Hotel Towadaso

Hotel Towadaso takes pride in being the greatest lodging facility in the Lake Towada area. The spacious lobby exhibits kokeshi wooden dolls and nebuta floats from various Tohoku cities. ...more

Oirase Stream Koke Walks (Nature watching)

One of the characters of nature in Oirase Stream is cryptogams plant such as “koke (moss)”. When you watch carefully tiny things of nature, you might understand origin and structure of the wo...more

Tsuta Onsen Tsuta Onsen Japanese Style Inn

Tsuta Onsen, located near the entrance of Oiraese gorge, lies surrounded by virgin beech wood. The hot spring is known to be used dating back 1000 years ago, and the inn has become one...more

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