A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture


Fruit Picking

Aomori has various kind of fruits cultivation all over the prefecture including apples that are the highest production in Japan, and there are farms to be able to enjoy fruits picking from spr...more

Yakatabune Niidamaru

Yakatabune, a Japanese classic low barge style boat, can see rarely in the Tohoku Region. It is a tour boat on which you can enjoy meal with watching gorgeous view on water, such as s...more

Hachinohe Portal Museum “hacchi”

At the Hachinohe Portal Museum “hacchi”, over 200 of “Yawata-uma”, a traditional craft made by the prefectural traditional craftsman, Nojiro Okubo will welcome you at the entrance. The ...more

Tanesashi Campsite

Tanesashi Campsite is next to the Tanesashi Coast, designated to the Place of Scenic Beauty, in Sanriku Fukko [reconstruction] National Park. With simple facilities and open site, it ...more

Morning Market

Aomori Prefecture has fresh and rich agricultural and marine products, and so there are characteristic morning markets held all over the prefecture, such as Tatehana Wharf Morning Market in Ha...more

Tatehana Wharf Morning Market

The morning market, which is Hachinohe’s largest one, is held on every Sunday at Tatehana Wharf. It is also said to be the largest morning market in Japan. The fishing port, where is u...more

Iso Ramen

“Sobamochi-gai (hard clams)” caught at Tanesashi Coast in spring is known for its taste that is good for making broth. Iso Ramen (iso means seashore) is originally made using the broth from s...more

Hachinohe Regional Industry Promotion Center “Youtree”

Youtree is a facility, as a place to promote regional industries, directly connected to JR Hachinohe Station, which provides demonstration sales of local products, restaurants and accomm...more

Tohoku Resutaurant Train, TOHOKU EMOTION

“TOHOKU EMOTION” runs on JR Hachinohe Line [between Hachinohe Station and Kuji Station] along the Sanriku Coast, and all of which is restaurant carriage. The train provides “a trip re...more

Nanbu Tekki

“Nanbu Tekki (Nanbu ironware)” is a traditional craft in the Tohoku Region, boasting approximately 400 years history. Additions to traditional products like cha-no-yugama (tea kettle...more

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