A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture



Aomori Prefecture is surrounded on three sides by the Tsugaru Strait, Sea of Japan and Pacific Ocean and has grand nature, such as the Shirakami-Sanchi and Towada Lake. Cycling tourism, traveli...more

Nebuta or Neputa Works Tour

Visitors can enjoy the hands-on experience of Tachineputa, which is a height of 23 meters and is an actual float for festival parade, at Tachineputa-no-Yakata in Goshogawara City. It offers e...more

Aizome [Indigo Dye]

Aizome, with characteristic vividness, has been loved from old days in Japan. Aomori-made “Aomori Ai” is produced by original method using local and organic aiba. Aizome’s color is vivid and...more

Restaurants where you can eat Seafood Bowl

Thanks to the ocean surrounding Aomori Prefecture, you can enjoy the seasonal seafood caught in local. Tourists visiting Aomori will be surprised with freshness, deliciousness and ine...more

Tsugaru-jamisen Hall

The Tsugaru-jamisen Hall is located at the birthplace of Tsugaru jamisen at Kanagi Area of Goshogawara city. Visitors can learn about the history and music of Tsugaru jamisen in additi...more

Tachineputa no Yakata (Tachineputa Museum)

Goshogawara Tachineputa Festival is one of the four largest summer festivals held between August 4th and 8th. At the Tachineputa no Yakata, three real tachineputa are exhibited. The th...more

Niboshi Ramen

A niboshi or yakiboshi (small dried fish) broth-based ramen is representative of Aomori’s ramen, and is also called as “Tsugaru Ramen”. Nowadays, it can be said that you might meet two types ...more

Yattemare Bowl

“Yattemare Bowl” is served at “Seisen Ichiba (fresh market) Maruko Center” located on the next to Tachineputa-no-Yakata in Goshogawara City. At the restaurant in the center, visitors bu...more

Tsugaru Sukoppu-Jamisen

Tsugaru Sukoppu-Jamisen is a performance using an iron-made sukoppu (shovel) that is used for farming or snow shoveling and a bottle opener as a bachi (pick for string instruments), ...more

Resort Shirakami

“Resort Shirakami” is a popular train with grand view of the Sea of Japan, running from Hirosaki, Aomori along the Gono Line to Akita. The floor of coach is designed higher than usual a...more

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Aomori is the northern most pre fecture on the main island ofJap an at northern latitude of 40.12 to 41.33 degrees. It is located about the same lati tudeas New York, Beijing, Rome and Madrid. access

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