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Tsuru-no-Mai Bridge

Scenery - Tsuruta-town


Tsuru-no-Mai Bridge passes over the Tsugaru Fujimi Lake with a reflection of Mt. Iwaki. The bridge, with total length of the bridge is 300 meters, is the Japan’s longest triple arch wooden bridge. It was built using more than 700 Aomori Hiba, especially those of over 150-year old, for bridge girder by Japan’s architectural technique from old days.
The bridge view looks like as if crane is flying with background of Mt Iwaki. Also it is said that visitors who walks across the bridge will have a long life.

Basic Information

Address 81-150 Mawarizeki-osawa, Tsuruta-machi, Kita-tsugaru County, Aomori 038-3542
Tel Tsuruta Town Hall 0173-22-2111
Fax Tsuruta Town Hall 0173-22-6007
Wi-Fi Not Available
URL Tsuruta Town (English)


JR Shin-Aomori Station JR Ou Line 40 minute ride JR Kawabe Station JR Gono Line 25 minute ride (¥760) Get off at JR Mutsu Tsuruda Station Taxi 10 minute ride Tsuru-no-Mai Bridge (Tsugaru Fujimiko Park)

JR Shin-Aomori Station


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