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Cape Shiriyazaki and Kandachime Horse

Scenery - Higashidori-village


Cape Shiriyazaki is part of Shimokita Hanto Quasi-National Park. As the northern most east edge of Honshu, it features many wetlands and treasured rare flowers and mountainous plants. Built in 1901, the Shiriyazaki Lighthouse was the first electric lighthouse. It was selected as one of the top 50 lighthouses of Japan and is the local symbol.

The Kandachime Horses

Throughout Cape Shiriyazaki, horses known as Kandachime pastures on the fields. These horses are known for having short legs and stout frames and endure the severe winter of Shimokita peninsula. They are protected and cherished as a prefectural Natural Treasure.
During the winter season, Cape Shiriyazaki becomes inaccessible, and the horses spend the winter at a grazing land known as “Ataka”. The sight of the horses living through the harsh winter gives us a lesson about the importance and power of life. In spring, small adorable foals can be seen after child-bearing season.

Basic Information

Address 1-1 Shiyazaki Shiriya Higashidori-mura Shimokita-gun, Aomori 035-0111
Tel Higashidori-mura Make and Grow Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division 0175-27-2111
Wi-Fi Not Available
URL Higashidori-mura(Japanese)


JR Hachinohe Station Transfer Aoi-mori Railway Hachinohe Station 45 minute ride(¥1,340) Noheji Station JR Ominato Line 55-minute ride(¥1,140) JR Shimokita Station Taxi 10-minute ride/ 35-minute walk Mutsu Bus Terminal Shimokita Kotsu Bus Shiriya Line 40-minute ride (¥1,310) Get off at Shiriyazaki-kuchi Stop

JR Hachinohe Station


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